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Over the past couple of months your new Classics Club moderators have been tidying up, cataloguing and making adjustments to the look of the blog. Amongst other things we have now created a tab for all the games we like to play at the club (when you have a spare 5 mins, open all the drop down tabs in the menu so you can see what we have on offer).

Under Club Games you can find a list of all our previous Spins, Dares, Sync Reads, Monthly Memes and Book Tags. If you’d like to add a ‘late’ link for one of the games, please leave a comment and your link on the appropriate page. It has been especially lovely to see so many people tackle the 50 Question Survey again in recent times.

To help our Book Tags page live up to its plural, we decided it was time to introduce a brand new scary book tag in honour of our Gothic month #CCdare.

Below we have thirteen questions to creep you out and send shivers up your spine!

The rules are easy.

  • Answer the 13 questions with classic books in mind.
  • How you define ‘classic’ is up to you.
  • How you define ‘scary’ is up to you (it could be content, size of book, genre etc).
  • Add your link back here when you’re done.
  • If you’re feeling social, visit other blogs and leave a comment or share your thoughts on twitter, fb, instagram or goodreads using #CCgothicbooktag
  • Join in if you dare.


  1. Which classic book has scared you the most?
  2. Scariest moment in a book?
  3. Classic villain that you love to hate?
  4. Creepiest setting in a book?
  5. Best scary cover ever?
  6. Book you’re too scared to read?
  7. Spookiest creature in a book?
  8. Classic book that haunts you to this day?
  9. Favourite cliffhanger or unexpected twist?
  10. Classic book you really, really disliked?
  11. Character death that disturbed/upset you the most?
  12. List your top 5 Gothic/scary/horror classic reads.
  13. Share your scariest/creepiest quote, poem or meme.

As always the aim is to have fun and read more classic books.

Do you dare to be scared?



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