Classics Clubber of the Month

Classics Clubber of the Month!

Q: What is the “Classics Clubber of the Month?”

A:  Each month, members of The Classics Club will be able to submit nominations for a fellow Club Member they believe deserves recognition. Each month, we will tally the votes and determine which member will be featured as our Classics Clubber of the Month! That blogger will be interviewed by us about their journey through the classics and have a special introduction on twitter and on our member updates post.

Q: Why do a Classics Clubber of the Month?

A: Many of us have bloggers that we regularly follow, and as The Classics Club continues to grow ever larger, you may be missing out on some of the extraordinary people who are reading the same things you are! By featuring bloggers each month, we hope to encourage and inspire you to continue branching out to your fellow Clubbers. It’ll be a great way to discover new blogs, learn more about a fellow book-nut, and hopefully give us all a few more titles to add to our reading lists.

Q: How will this work?

Each month, the moderators will be selecting a Clubber from the nominations to feature and announce them on the member updates post. That person will also be notified by e-mail that they have been selected. We will ask them a few questions, read up on their posts, and voila-featured post. The post will go up on at the end of the month. Nominations will be on going and cumulative. You can nominate whomever you wish, as long as they are a Classics Clubber! All you need to do to nominate someone is fill out the form below.

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