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Here you will find a list linking to classic reviews submitted by club members. Book reviews are organized by author’s last name from N – S, then book title. Please make sure you e-mail the moderators here with your latest review link so we can include your post here! You can also look for the latest posts from our clubbers on Twitter at hashtag #ccbookreviews.

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Nabokov, Vladimir

Naipaul, V.S.

Naivo – Beyond the Rice Fields (Jean @ Howling Frog)

Narayan, N. K.

Naylor, Gloria – The Women of Brewster Place (Kristina)

Nemirovsky, Irene

Nennius – Historia Brittonum (Ekaterina)

Nesbit, E.

Ng, Fae Myenne – Bone (Harriet)

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o – Minutes of Glory (Jean @ Howling Frog)

Nichol, James W. – The Stone Angel (Deb Nance @ Readerbuzz)

Nietzsche, Friedrich – Beyond Good and Evil (katarinaandcatharina)

Nightingale, Florence – Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece: Her Diary and “Visions” (Anarchivist)

Niland, D’Arcy – The Shiralee (Margaret)

Nizami – The Story of Layla and Majnun (Jean)

Nimmo, Jenny – The Snow Spider Trilogy (Sandra)

Nordhoff, Charles and James Norman Hall

Norris, Frank – Octopus (Kristina)

Norris, Kathleen – Mother (Elena W)

North, Sterling – Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era (Lynn)

Northup, Solomon – Twelve Years a Slave (Marianne @ Let’s Read) (parastoukhiaban88)

Norton, Mary – Bed-knob and Broomstick (Hamlette)


O’Brien, Edna – The Country Girls (BookerTalk) (Nell)

O’Brien, Flann

O-Brien, Kate – That Lady (Helen) (whatmeread)

O’Brien, Michael – Island of the World (Carol)

O’Brien, Robert C – Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Laura)

O’Brien, Tim

O’Connor, Flannery

O’Hara, John – Appointment in Samarra (J.E. Fountain) (JacquiWine) (Deb Nance @ Readerbuzz)

Okada, John – No-No Boy (Harriet)

Oke, Janette – A Woman Named Damaris (Becca Wall)

Oliphant, Margaret

Oliver, Jane and Ann Stanford – Business As Usual (whatcathyreadnext)

Oman, Carola

O’Neill, Eugene – Three Plays (Lory)

O’Neill, Jamie – At Swim, Two Boys (Adam)

Onstott, Kyle – Mandingo (Kelly)

Oppenheim, E. Phillips – The Seven Conundrums (booklearner)

Orczy, Baroness Emmuska

Ortega y Gasset, José – The Dehumanization of Art (Silvia)

Orwell, George

Ovid – The Metamorphoses (Beth) (Jean)


Paine, Thomas – The Rights of Man (Melissa)

Palaniuk, Chuck – Fight Club (Laura)

Pamuk, Orhan – My Name is Red (Chinoiseries) (iForbye) (RoseReadsNovels)

Pane, Armijn – Belenggu “Shackles” (areaderofliterature)

Panter-Downes, Mollie

Park, Ruth

  • Playing Beatie Bow (Brona) (Tien)
  • Swords and Crowns and Rings (Brona)

Parrott, Ursula – Ex-Wife (Davida Chazan)

Parsons, Eliza – The Castle of Wolfenbach (whatmeread)

Pascal, Blaise – Pensées (N@ncy)

Pasternak, Boris – Dr. Zhivago (Carol) (Helen) (Jane) (Jean) (Geoff W)

Paton, Alan – Cry, the Beloved Country (Alluminor) (Emily) (J. E. Fountain) (Sylvia)

Pavlova, Karolina – A Double Life (the[blank]garden)

Peacock, Thomas Love – Nightmare Abbey (J. E. Fountain)

Peake, Mervyn

Peck, Winifred – Bewildering Cares (whatmeread)

Percy, Walker – The Moviegoer (Joseph)

Perez, George – The Wonder Woman Omnibus Volume 1 (Hannah G)

Perutz, Leo – The Swedish Cavalier (WordsAndPeace)

Peters, Elizabeth – Crocodile on the Sandbank (looloolooweez)

Peters, Ellis – St. Peter’s Fair (ShellieJ)

Pezeshkzad, Iraj – My Uncle Napoleon (Jean)

Pink, Arthur R. – The Sovereignty of God (Becky)

Pirsig, Robert – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (J. E. Fountain)

Pizan, Christine de – The Book of the City of Ladies (Jean) (MJ)

Plath, Sylvia


Platonov, Andrei – The Foundation Pit (Jean)

Plutarch – Roman Lives (Fanda)

Poe, Edgar Allan

Pope, Alexander – Essay on Man (Jean)

Porter, Eleanor H. – Pollyanna (Eszter) (Hamlette) (Melissa) (Robin) (Sarah Reads Too Much)

Porter, Jane – The Scottish Chiefs (Helen) (whatmeread)

Portis, Charles – True Grit (Hamlette) (Jean @ Howling Frog) (whatmeread)

Potocki, Jan – The Manuscript Found in Saragossa (Helen)

Potok, Chaim

Potter, Beatrix – Peter Rabbit and Other Stories (Laura)

Powell, Anthony – A Dance to the Music of Time (J. E. Fountain)

Pratchett, Terry – The Colour of Magic (M. R.)

Prentiss, Elizabeth – Stepping Heavenward (Elena W)

Prévost, Antoine François – Manon Lescaut (Ekaterina)

Priestley, J.B. – Benighted (Anarchivist)

Proulx, Annie

  • Brokeback Mountain (Laura)
  • The Shipping News (Sandra)

Proust, Marcel

Prouty, Olive Higgins – Now, Voyager (ShellieJ)

Prus, Boleslaw – The Doll (Jean)

Pullman, Philip

Pushkin, Alexander

Pyle, Howard – Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Carissa) (hamlettethedame) (lauradodom) (Listra) (Suey)

Pym, Barbara

Pynchon, Thomas – Gravity’s Rainbow (Kristina)


The Qur’an (Nightingale)


Rabelais, François – Gargantua and Pantagruel (J. E. Fountain) (katarinaandcatharina)

Radcliffe, Ann

Rampo, Edogawa

Rand, Ayn

Ransome, Arthur

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan – The Yearling (Anne) (Melissa)

Rawls, Wilson – Where the Red Fern Grows (J. E. Fountain)

Read, Miss – Summer at Fairacre (Robin)

Reeve, Clara – The Old English Baron (Amy) (Katherine Nabity)

Reeves, Amber – A Lady and her Husband (Lynn)

Remarque, Erich Maria – All Quiet on the Western Front (Carol) (Charity) (eloisej) (louloureads) (Melissa)

Renault, Mary

Rendell, Ruth – Judgment in Stone (Carol)

Rhoides, Emmanuel – Pope Joan (Marianne Maurer)

Rhys, Jean

Richardson, Henry Handel

Richardson, Samuel

Richter, Conrad – The Light in the Forest (Hamlette)

Riddell, Charlotte

Rider, Haggard, H. – King Solomon’s Mines (Christy) (eloisej) (Impossible A) (Rob)

Rilke, Rainer Maria

  • Letters to a Young Poet (Robin)
  • The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge (Jean)

Rinehart, Mary Roberts

Rizal, José – Noli Me Tángere (Angus)

Robinson, Marilynne – Housekeeping (Deb Nance at Readerbuzz) (whatmeread)

Rodoreda, Mercè – Death in Spring (Teresa)

Rolland, Romaine – Jean-Christophe (Reese)

Rolvaag, A. E. – Giants in the Earth (Karen K.) (whatmeread)

Rose, Reginald – Twelve Angry Men (Becky)

Rossetti, Christina – The Goblin Market and Selected Poems (whatmeread)

Rostand, Edmond – Cyrano de Bergerac (Loni C.) (Helen) (Listra)

Roth, Philip

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – The Social Contract (Amy) (Beth)

Rowling, J. K.

Roy, Arundhati – The God of Small Things (Harriet)

Ruark, Robert – The Old Man and the Boy (smellincoffee)

Rulfo, Juan – Pedro Paramo (Jean)

Rumi, Jalaluddin – The Essential Rumi (Cynthia Sharp)

Rushdie, Salman

Russell, Bertrand – A History of Western Philosophy (Reese)

Ryle, J.C.

  • Coming Events and Present Duties (Becky)
  • Five English Reformers (Becky)

Ryonosuke, Akutagawa – Kappa (Jean @ Howling Frog)


Sabatini, Rafael

Sackville-West, Vita

Sadoveanu, Mihail – Mitrea Cocor (lesserknowngems)

Sagan, Carl – Contact (philbartu)

Sagan, Françoise

Said, Kurban – Ali and Nino (Jean@Howling Frog)

Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de

St. John, Madeleine – The Women in Black (Brona) (Tien)

Saki – Improper Stories (JacquiWine)

Salgari, Emilio

Salinas, Pedro – My Voice Because of You (Teresa)

Salih, Tayeb – Season of Migration to the North (Jean @ Howling Frog)

Salinger, J.D.

Salten, Felix – Bambi: A Life in the Woods (Carol)

Salter, James – A Sport and a Pastime (JacquiWine)

Sánchez Ferlosio, Rafael – The River [El Jarama] (Silvia)

Sand, George

Sarton, May – The Small Room (emilysbrainworks)

Sartre, Jean-Paul

Sassoon, Siegfried

  • Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man (Brona)
  • Memoirs of an Infantry Officer (bellarah)

Sayers, Dorothy L.

Scarlett, Susan

Schaefer, Jack

Schaeffer, Edith – L’Abri (Elena W)

Schaeffer, Francis A. – The God Who Is There (Carol)

Schreiner, Olive – The Story of an African Farm (Jane)

Schulz, Bruno – The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories (Jean)

Sciascia, Leonardo – The Wine-Dark Sea (JacquiWine)

Scott, Eleanor – War Among Ladies (whatmeread)

Scott, Walter

Scott-Maxwell, Florida – The Measure of My Days (Robin)

Sebald, W. G. – Austerlitz (Amy)

Sebastian, Mihail – For Two Thousand Years (Jean @ Howling Frog)

Sebold, Alice – The Lovely Bones (Keri B.)

Segal, Erich – Love Story (lustandcoffee)

Selby, Jr., Hubert – Last Exit to Brooklyn (FictionFan)

Selvon, Sam – The Housing Lark (louloureads)

Sendak, Maurice – In The Night Kitchen (mlandersauthor)

Seneca – Letters from a Stoic (N@ncy)

Seredy, Kate – The Chestry Oak (Carol)

Seth, Vikram – A Suitable Boy (Amy) (Jean) (Lyndsay)

Seton, Anya – Katherine (Carol) (whatcathyreadnext) (whatmeread)

Sewell, Anna – Black Beauty (Brooke) (Elena) (Fanda) (Kristina)

Seymour, John – The Fat of the Land (louloureads)

Shakespeare, William

Sharp, Margery

Shaw, George Bernard

Shaw, Irwin – The Young Lions (FictionFan)

Shellabarger, Samuel – Prince of Foxes (Helen)

Shelley, Mary

Shepard, E. H. – Drawn from Memory/Drawn from Life (Jean @ Howling Frog)

Shepherd, Nan – The Weatherhouse (Rachel – What Rachel Did)

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley – The School for Scandal (Reese)

Sherriff, R. C. – The Fortnight in September (Robin) (whatmeread)

Shields, Carol – The Republic of Love (shelleyfallows)

Shikibu, Murasaki

Shirer, William – The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (looloolooweez) (N@ncy)

Shōnagon, Sei – The Pillow Book (Amy) (N@ncy)

Shor, Jean Bowie – After You, Marco Polo (Silvia)

Shute, Nevil

Sidney, Philip – The Old Arcadia (Amy)

Sienkiewicz, Henryk

Silko, Leslie Marmon – Ceremony (MJ) (poingu) (David Rush)

Sillanpää, Frans Eemil – A Way of Man [Miehen Tie] – (Mirjam Donath)

Silone, Ignazio – Bread and Wine (Alluminor)

Silverstein, Shel – The Giving Tree (Brona)

Simak Clifford D.

Simenon, Georges

Singh, Khushwant – Train to Pakistan (Carol) (louloureads)

Slocum, Joshua – Sailing Alone Around the World (Rob)

Smith, Betty – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Alleluialu) (Dale) (Fanda) (Jennifer Hartling) (Kristina) (lauradodom) (Laura) (Laurie) (melmarian) (paulavince) (Tien) (Geoff W)

Smith, Charlotte – Celestina (Anarchivist)

Smith, Dodie – I Capture the Castle (Anarchivist) (Brooke) (Carol) (Charlotte) (Carissa Horton) (JacquiWine) (Quixotic Magpie) (Sandra)

Smith, Dorothy Evelyn

Smith, Emma – The Far Cry (Jane)

Smith, Iain Crichton – Consider the Lilies (FictionFan)

Smollett, Tobias

Snedeker, Caroline Dale – The Spartan (Carol)

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksander

Songling, Pu – Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (Anarchivist)


Soseki, Natsume

Southall, Ivan

Soyinka, Wole – The Years of Childhood (Jean)

Spark, Muriel

Speare, Elizabeth George

Sperry, Armstrong – Call It Courage (Rachel) (Robin)

Spillane, Mickey – I, The Jury (FictionFan)

Spurgeon, Charles – Morning and Evening (Becky) (Kelly)

Spyri, Johanna – Heidi (Jane) (Kristina) (Lisa) (Risa) (Robin)

Staël, Madame de – Corinne; Or, Italy (Marianne @ Let’s Read)

Stafford, Jean – The Mountain Lion (Alluminor)

Starrett, Vincent – The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (hamlettethedame)

Stegner, Wallace

  • Angle of Repose (Brona) (Jean)
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain (Anne)
  • Crossing to Safety (Brona)
  • The Spectator Bird (Robin)

Steinbeck, John


Stephens, Riccardo – The Mummy (Anarchivist)

Stern, G. B. – The Matriarch (Laurie @ RelevantObscurity)

Sterne, Laurence – The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy (J.E. Fountain) (Jean) (Erin T.)

Stevenson, D. E.

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Stewart, Elinore Pruitt

  • Letters of a Woman Homesteader (Hamlette)
  • Letters on an Elk Hunt by a Woman Homesteader (Hamlette)

Stewart, George R. – Earth Abides (FictionFan) (Rob)

Stewart, Mary

Stoddard, Elizabeth – The Morgesons (juliana brina)

Stoker, Bram

Stone, Irving – Lust for Life (MaryR)

Storm, Theodor – The Rider on the White Horse (Marianne Maurer)

Stott, John – Basic Christianity (Becky)

Stout, Rex – Fer-de-Lance (Carol) (MaryR)

Stowe, Harriet Beecher – Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Becky) (Beth) (Hobby Buku) (Christina) (J. E. Fountain) (katarinaandcatharina) (Kristina) (RoseReadsNovels) (Ruth) (Geoff W)

Strachey, Julia – Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (Laura) (whatmeread)

Strachey, Lytton – Eminent Victorians (MaryR)

Stratton-Porter, Gene

Streatfeild, Noel

Strugatsky, Arkady and Boris – Roadside Picnic (Kristina)

Struther, Jan – Mrs. Miniver (Laurie)

Sturloson, Snorri – The Prose Edda (Anarchivist)

Suetonius – The Twelve Caesars (N@ncy)

Sutcliff, Rosemary

Swift, Jonathan – Gulliver’s Travels (Carol) (Fanda) (Joel Getter) (Jane) (Melissa) (melmarian) (Deb Nance @ Readerbuzz) (Ruth) (Sue)

Szabó, Magda – Abigail (whatmeread)

Székely, János – Temptation (whatmeread)

Szerb, Antal – Love in a Bottle (JacquiWine)

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