Shakespeare Challenge (revised)

A month or so ago Rachel @Hibernators Library threw out a reading challenge – 2019 Year of Shakespeare? Her idea was to read one comedy, one tragedy & one history play over the course of a 3-4 month period. With a new baby on the way, she thought that a co-hosting arrangement with the Classics Club might work better.


Some of us at the club got very excited about the idea – and one of us got the crazy idea idea about reading ALL of Will’s plays over a three year period – 37 plays, one a month until 2020!! But just writing that future date was enough to scare the puffy breeches off us.

So we decided to ask our Clubbers if,

  1. you would be interested in a Shakespeare event in 2019
  2. would you prefer one tragedy, one history and one comedy over a few months, or
  3. would you like a much longer, play a month, in chronological order or alphabetical order, until 2020 with various co-hosts helping out along the way?

Third or fourth options may also exist, including read a play then watch a movie adaptation/or read a modern adaptation of the story.

Let’s discuss.

A quick late December update:

  1. Rachel and her new bub are both doing well – congrats Rachel!
  2. The interest for Rachel’s original idea is outstanding.
  3. She would like to host the first trimester – the comedies – aiming to read 4 of them during this time.
  4. Erica @The Broken Spine has now kindly offered to co-host the tragedies with Rachel.
  5. We’re still looking for someone willing to co-host the histories.
  6. Given the interest in reading more/all the Shakespeare’s from so many of you, the Club can then look to extend this into 2020 and beyond.
  7. A big thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support.
  8. My favourite seasonal meme is hosted by Sheila @Book Journey. It’s called First Book of the Year – send Shelia a pic of you with the book you plan to read in the NY by NYE so she can create a montage of what we’re all reading. It might be a lovely way to show off your Shakespeare 🙂

25 thoughts on “Shakespeare Challenge (revised)

        1. That’s great Reece! Can you pop over to Rachel’s blog, when you get a chance, to make contact with her about helping out with the histories section?


  1. The 3 plays option seems good. There is no way I personally would be up for reading all the plays again. I read most of them in college and some of them are a tough slog. If there is enthusiasm for it then I will be happy to cheer on anyone brave enough to give it a shot!

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  2. I would be happy to read some Shakespeare, although I find it quite difficult. I would go for option 1 and 2, but if 3 is chosen, I am still on. I will also look into Hibernator’s Library, which sounds like a reasonable challenge. Thank you for the tip Hibernator. I have a book with all his plays, and I think the sonnets too. Just ready to open, although the text is rather small.

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  3. I would join in a Shakespeare event if it were a smaller one or maybe a bigger challenge could have 3-month sections people could drop in and out of. I especially would like to read the original and then a modern adaptation of some story (stories). I don’t really know enough to something like that on my own.

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  4. I’m definitely interested! I would prefer a longer challenge as there are so many of Shakespeare’s plays I still haven’t read, but I will join in with whichever option is chosen.

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  5. I would enjoy reading Shakespeare and would participate. Some plays are more challenging to read than others. Most of the comedies are fairly short. How would you choose amongst all of the possibilities?

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  6. I’ve read the majority of the more popular plays (yay Shakespeare got an English elective in college)….so if the 2 year plan was selected it would let me finish the collection

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