Classics Club Event Call – February & March

Hey guys! We want to make sure we’re all on top of the Community Events our members offer through the club. If you are hosting anything for The Classics Club community in the coming weeks, please give a shout out below with the name of the event, the dates, a link (either to the event, or your blog), and any special rules. (Like, you must check in weekly or don’t take part — that sort of thing.)

And then maybe also add it to the Events Page. This post is mostly a way to keep things present in our clubbers’ plans. It’s probably easy to forget that page is there. 🙂

If you’re on Twitter, please tweet your event to –

Please note:  For this month, please tell us about any events you have planned for February & March.

Have ideas for future events but prefer someone else host them? Please share them in the comments! Maybe someone will take up the torch!

Good reading –

– The Club

2 thoughts on “Classics Club Event Call – February & March

  1. I try to read multiple classics each year and getting my list together for this year-I know no one knows which I’ve already read but counting on the literary gods to guide yiu-what are two or three classics you would list as must reads?



  2. I’m hosting a Pickwick Papers read-along starting in March – maybe some members will be interested? It’s going to be the slowest read-along EVER I think – tt’ll be just two chapters every month, as it was originally published, from March ’16 to November ’17. March is Pickwick Paper’s 180th anniversary (it was serialised between March 1836 – November 1838), so I thought it would be a fun way of doing it, plus it’s a tough book to read in one go (it can get tedious that way – I speak from experience). Only ‘rules’ (which people are free to disregard) is to read the two chapters per month. People can post if they want, or not, whatever. The details are here –


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