Classic Instagram

How are you all going with your super-dooper chunkster edition of the CC Spin? With only ten days to go, are you in trouble? Well on the way? Or done and dusted? Let us know if you need a cheer squad to help you through - we can pop by, comment and encourage you on … Continue reading Classic Instagram


Member Updates #5

Yet Another Book BlogHello! Woot, it's 2019! Wow, how did this happen so quickly? It seriously still feels like March 2018...  Well, Welcome to this month's member updates! Announcements End of the Year Member List Cleaning (continued.)- Yay, I've finished cleaned up all the entries on the member list that were invalid links. Now is the time to tackle … Continue reading Member Updates #5

Classic Author Focus: Dorothy Whipple

As a schoolgirl, Dorothy Stirrup published more than forty stories in the "Children's Corner" of the Blackburn Weekly Telegraph. Later, she became a successful and popular novelist, short story and children's book writer, whose work reflected the concerns of her time. Because her novels were almost all set in Nottingham or Blackburn, where she lived all … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Dorothy Whipple