The Classic Meme 2.0

  Hello Clubbers! Way back when, in 2012, the Classics Club came into being. A monthly meme was devised to bring clubbers together to chat about classics. A question was posed for you to ponder and discuss. You could write a blog post and leave the link or simply put your thoughts in the comments. … Continue reading The Classic Meme 2.0

What is Coming This Fall?

It's a time of a pandemic. There are not a lot of events going on in the world this fall. The usual fall festivals and book fairs are postponed or have been placed online. (Take a look here for a list of online book festivals.) But there are some wonderful online book events that are … Continue reading What is Coming This Fall?

Classic Author Focus: Franz Kafka

Franz KafkaFranz Kafka is identified as a German-speaking Bohemian writer because he was born and lived in Prague, now part of the Czech Republic but then the capital of Bohemia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He is considered one of the major figures of 20th century literature, writing works that combined realism and fantasy, surrealism and … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Franz Kafka

Summer Reading Challenges: #bookaday and #bigbooksummer and #20booksofsummer20

Having a goal, having a focus centers me, especially during difficult times. You may be different, and that's perfectly okay. But if you'd like some focus for your reading life during this summer, I encourage you to join me in a couple of summer reading challenges. Every summer for over ten years, the Book Whisperer, … Continue reading Summer Reading Challenges: #bookaday and #bigbooksummer and #20booksofsummer20

Monthly Meme: What Kinds of Classic Books Do You Prefer?

Last month's discussion about what a classic book was very interesting and provoked a lot of response, I thought, so I figured I would suggest another topic, this one much more subjective. When you read classic literature, what's your preference, or will you read anything? Do you prefer the "literary" authors, like Dickens, Hugo, Austen, … Continue reading Monthly Meme: What Kinds of Classic Books Do You Prefer?