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November 2021

German Literature Month is back, this year rolling into its second decade. It is time to start seeking out the literary treasures, originally written in German, on your shelves, prepare your comfortable reading nook and discover some great reads during the month of November. For more information, visit Beauty is a Sleeping Cat.

Calmgrove will host Narniathon21 beginning in November of 2021. The event will run through July of 2022, and it will feature a group read/discussion of each book in the Narnia series. For more information, take a look here.

September and October, 2021

The Reader’s Imbibing Peril (RIP) Challenge will be held from September 1 through October 31 and will be hosted this year on Twitter and Instagram. It’s all about reading books that are scary, eerie, moody, dripping with atmosphere, gothic, unsettling … think Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Supernatural … and don’t leave out short stories or movies and tv shows too! You can use #RIPXVI or tag @PERILREADERS to connect with other participants.

August 2021

The Book Rat is planning to resurrect Austen in August this year. It’s a celebration of all things Austen. For more information, take a look at Book Rat’s post here.

Beginning in June 2021

Kay at What Me Read is offering a new challenge beginning in June. She will be reading Angela Thirkell’s Barsetshire series in order, and she invites you to join her. For more information, take a look at her post here.

Summer 2021

Cathy at 746 Books is hosting her 20 Books of Summer Challenge. Cathy writes:

One summer.

Three months.

93 Days.

20 books.

Are you in?

The challenge runs from June through August. Don’t forget there are options to read 10 or 15 books instead of the full twenty, and it’s good to share your progress using the hashtag #20booksofsummer21. Add your link to sign up here.

Lory at Entering the Enchanted Castle is running a new meme, Summer in Other Languages, which with its three levels of commitment encourages bloggers to read works in foreign languages other than English or at least in translation. To find out more, take a look at Lory’s post here.

Sue Jackson of Book By Book will kick off the 11th year of the Big Book Summer Reading Challenge on Friday, May 28. The challenge culminates in a Big Book Giveaway. Sue encourages you to get your stack of big books ready.

2021 (All Year)


For the eighth year, Karen at Books and Chocolate is hosting the Back to the Classics Challenge, a year-long challenge in which participants are encouraged to finally read the classics they’ve always meant to read — or just recently discovered. At the end of the year, one lucky winner will receive a prize $30 (US) in books from the bookstore of their choice. Take a look at Karen’s sign-up post on Books and Chocolate for more details about the challenge.

The aim of the 2021 Nonfiction Reader Challenge is to encourage you to make nonfiction part of your reading experience during the year. The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st 2021. Participants may join at any time up until December 1st 2021. Create a blog post committing to your participation in this challenge, and link up with host Shelley at Book’d Out.

Gather Together and Read will be hosting a 1000 Books to Read Before You Die Project: French Classics 2021. The first half of the year will feature The Count of Monte Cristo and the end of the year will feature Les Miserables. For more information, take a look here.

If you’re a Classics Clubber and you would like to sharing information about a classics event, fill in the contact form here.  Please let us know the start and end date for the event, some details, and a link to the home site.  It’s fine to do this whether you’re the host of the event or simply want to share one you’ve discovered, as long as you’re a clubber.  (Also check out any events our members on Twitter may have tweeted about at hashtag #cceventsched.) 🙂 – The Club

72 thoughts on “Events Page

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know I created a list for our group at Goodreads, where we can vote for our top ten classic reads so far with the club. This is just to have fun & get a general reading on our favorites so far. If anyone is interested. 😊 You can totally edit your votes as you go, & if you don’t have ten favorites yet, that’s totally fine. OR, if you want to vote for eleven instead of ten, legitimately no one will know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I added some directions for how to vote at the top of the page there in case folks ain’t Goodreads saavy. And yes I can say ain’t in the Classics Club because Twain approves.


    1. I’m hosting a Reading Classic Books Challenge, which can be done in conjunction with The Classics Club Challenge. There are 12 prompts, Instagram challenges, and giveaways. So, hopefully people can find books from Classics Club reading list to fit the prompts.


      1. Part of me says, “Absolutely!” and part of me says, “Yeah, prolly not gonna happen.” Maybe make a poll and have people vote on what they’d like to have included? Or let everyone choose their own things and just have it be a “read some Shakespeare” event like the Women Authors event from a year or two ago?

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