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Readers Imbibing Peril 13

Created by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings,  R.I.P. – R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril  (now in its thirteenth year!) has moved to a new home, hosted by Heather from My Capricious Life. The event takes place from September 1st, 2018 through October 31st, 2018. As always, the idea of R.I.P. is to read books from one or more of the following categories, during the months of September and October:

Mystery // Suspense // Thriller // Gothic // Horror // Dark Fantasy // Supernatural

– or anything sufficiently moody that shares a kinship with the above. There are multiple levels of participation (Perils) that allow you to be a part of R.I.P. XIII without adding the burden of another commitment to your already busy lives.


Persephone Readathon

The Persephone Readathon Round 2 will take place from Friday, September 21st through Sunday, September 30th. This will be a laid back readathon; read as much or as little as you’d like. The goal is simply to enjoy reading and discussing all things Persephone Books. Make sure to follow along and share on social media using #PersephoneReadathon throughout the event.

The readathon will be hosted by Dwell in Possibility.

What are Persephone Books you may ask? Persephone Books are a London based independent publisher and bookseller, who specialize in neglected books by (mostly) women writers from (mainly) the mid-twentieth century. You can view their website here, and read more about them here and here. At this time, Persephone has published 128 books (Full list here).



If you’re a Classics Clubber, please leave details about classic book blogger events you’d like to share with the group in the comments below. The most recent will be at the top if you’re on the hunt for something. Please let us know the start and end date for the event, some details, and a link to the home site.  It’s fine to do this whether you’re the host of the event or simply want to share one you’ve discovered, as long as you’re a clubber. If you want to be notified of new events, subscribe to the comments below. (Also check out any events our members on Twitter may have tweeted about at hashtag #cceventsched.) 🙂 – The Club






49 thoughts on “Events Page

  1. Bex @ An Armchair by the Sea and I (Lynn @ Smoke & Mirrors) are cohosting a Little House Read-Along for 2016. We are reading one book per month throughout the whole year. Details: and You are welcome to join in for any month! I would have posted, but thought this page wasn’t being used much… 🙂 #littlehouseRAL

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  2. Throughout Nov 2015. I’m hosting a readalong of Australian author Henry Handel Richardson (aka Ethel Florence Richardson) and her classic trilogy The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney.

    Wikipedia says “This is now recognized as one of the greatest novels in the English language.” It was acclaimed for its rich characterizations and then-startling depiction of mental illness attacking an otherwise respectable person, while his much-younger wife, who does not think herself clever, must become resourceful with a high-level of uncomfortable capability”.

    I hope you join us 🙂


  3. I know this is short notice, but I’m starting a read-along of Little Women tomorrow (March 1st, 2015). You can read more details in this post on my blog, The Edge of the Precipice. Feel free to join in any time — you don’t have to miss out just because you arrive a little late! There’s no official sign-up, and I’ll post about the first chapter tomorrow.


  4. It seems it hasn’t been updated for some time, so decided to suggest some nice events I’ve found recently that may suit =)
    1) Dickens in December:
    2) January in Japan:
    3) Social Justice Theme Read in February:


  5. For June I’d love to host (or help host) an event to read either (a) Dutch or Japanese classic(s). In the case of Dutch, perhaps The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch, or Japanese: The Tale of Genji?


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