Sync Read




The Original Sync Read?

A sync read is an opportunity to find other club members who are reading a particular title, and sync your read.

A sync read is not a readalong. The moderators will not ask discussion questions, provide information on the author of the book, expect you to write posts, or offer prizes for reading.

We want you to guide your own reading, and for the sync read check-in posts to be an opportunity for you to be social, encourage one another etc — rather than offering assignments throughout the read. This is a read for the people who like to do their own research, and read at their pace — but still yearn to read along with other folks, now and then.

So essentially a sync read is a reading room. We’ll share a post at the start, one or two throughout, and one at the end of the sync.


If you all want to write up discussions and such at your blog, you’re more than welcome to do so, and link them within the room we provide. But it isn’t necessary. The point is to keep it pressure-free and low key, and make sure everyone feels welcome to weigh in wherever they are in the book and however they like to respond to literature.


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Sync Read #1 Their Eyes Were Watching God