Introduce yourself!

“The Red Kerchief: Portrait of Camille Monet” – Claude Monet (late 1860s – early 1870s). Oil on canvas.

Moderators too, please, if you’re of a mind. 🙂

It occurs to us we have been remiss in offering our giant group a place to introduce y/ourselves! Please use this space as you join (or as soon as you see this and feel pulled to comment!), to introduce yourself to the rest of the group.

(No one is required to do this, of course!)

Follow the template below, or make up your own intro!

Suggestions – tell us:

  • Your online name
  • Your blog name (so we can find your classics list on the Member Page)
  • How many books you hope to read for the club
  • When you joined
  • Describe your literary background (“I have none!” is a fine answer, as is “I am a lit professor and only read scholarly articles.” We’d love to learn about this club’s literary texture!)
  • Why you joined The Classics Club and/OR one interesting fact about you
  • The favorite book you’ve read so far for the club (if you’ve begun your list.) Or, the one you’re most intrigued to read.
  • Link ONE POST from your blog that you believe speaks to who you are. (No fair saying “I can’t pick one, so here are ten!” You have to pick only one post. It does NOT have to be a club post or a review.)
  • Answer the one question you wish everybody would answer who enters this thread.

Feel free to interact in the comments. 🙂

Introduce yourself to the group on Twitter using hashtag #ccintroductions  @ourclassicsclub.

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