Group Check-In #28: February 2018

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Hi Clubbers! How’s the reading going?

Tell us about your project — or you! Introduce yourself. Chat. Are you new here? A veteran?

Tell us what you’ve read, how you’re feeling about your progress, how much you love the classics or the community — any struggles, a favorite read so far. Really, whatever you feel like sharing!

Some people prefer writing an update at their own blog and linking it here in the comments. That’s fine, too.

Feel free to respond to one another in the comments below — ask questions, visit each other, tell us you are new to the club, planning to join the club — etc. This is a meet and greet.

If you’re having trouble with your list and need encouragement, say that! That’s understandable. We want new classics readers to join us, so there’s nothing wrong with arriving to this thread with all of the newness showing!

(Please also note the “check-in” feature here is entirely voluntarily, intended for those who like weighing in with others in the group, and having a periodic place to reflect upon goals for the club. For some this feature would feel like an unwanted intrusion. Silent participation in this group is of course welcome!)

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm about this project!

New? Introduce yourself to the group on Twitter using hashtag #ccintroductions @ourclassicsclub. You can also introduce yourself here at the blog. 🙂

Twitter hashtag for reading check-ins: #ccreadingupdate

Note that if you’re on Twitter, you can also tweet your latest classic book reviews to the group using hashtag #ccbookreviews.


16 thoughts on “Group Check-In #28: February 2018

  1. I’m really enjoying this challenge – I’ve just started The Way We Live Now (my first Trollope), and I really think it would have just sat on my shelf forever without this incentive! The blogging doesn’t seem to get any easier though.

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  2. Just finished Watership Down (a reread I greatly enjoyed) and I’m thinking The Brothers Karamazov or Arabian Nights for my next one. Recently realized I’m down to just a year and half left in my challenge, but I’ve only read half the books. I just keep getting distracted by non-Classics! I’m thinking of swapping a few of the titles on my original list out for something else — I just don’t want to read 3 Dickens novels anymore.

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    1. A character from the book I just finished (The Stand)…makes several references to Watership Down. His comments reminded me, and now yours, that I need to get around to this book soon.

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  3. I’m Kay and I’m new to the Classics Club this year. I love mysteries and crime novels, so my list contains those types of books, plus a little horror/Gothic. I also my definition of a ‘mystery classic’ as a book published in 1988 or before. I used a lot of mystery award lists (like the Edgar or Agatha awards) as a resource. And included a few ‘old’ favorites. I’ve read 2 books so far and am planning on the next soon – just have to decide what that one will be. Part of my aim in reading and talking about what to me are ‘classic crime novels’ is making sure the authors and books are not forgotten. I’m completely enjoying myself and am glad to be a participant.

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  4. Hi all! I have been reading a few classics now and then for most of my life but recently I have become more and more interested in them and I thought about joining some reading group of sorts to get more out of my reading. I have just put together my very first list with 50 classics for the next 5 years and joined The classics Club 🙂

    I am currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring and I plan to read the other two volumes of the trilogy later this year, as I have many other books in my TBR list for the upcoming months and I like to mix things up. So I’m not sure about which book will come next.

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  5. I’ve been doing well with the reading this month but am way behind with the reviews. To come: Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith (this week hopefully), The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Sparks (short interim review: wonderful) and The Code of the Woosters by PG Wodehouse (short interim review: hilarious). Next month I hope to read The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (somebody should have told him to shorten that title) by James Hogg, and to start No Name by Wilkie Collins, though it will drift into April (somebody should have told him to shorten the book 😉 ).

    Spin! Spin! We demand a spin!!!

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  6. February’s been a good month for classics but unfortunately only one of them, La Vita Nuova, was actually on my classics club list. Most memorable classic this month was City folk and country folk by Sofia Khvoshchinskaya but that one was outside of my list.

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  7. I just finished my 10th out of 50 books for my challenge – I’m planning on a few more next month so we’ll see what happens. I love getting back to the classics – there are so many amazing books out there!

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