Classic Author Focus: Summary and Links

For my Classic Author Focus post this month, I decided to go back and list all the authors I have featured, along with a link to my post and links to members' reviews of their works, if there are any. If you're interested in an author or book, you can easily read a few of … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Summary and Links

Classic Author Focus: Bessie Head

Bessie Head Although author Bessie Head was born in South Africa and lived there until she was nearly 30, she is considered Botswana's most influential writer. Her writings were concerned with the contradictions and values in pre- and postcolonial African society. Head had a damaging childhood. She was the daughter of a white woman, Bessie … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Bessie Head

Classic Author Focus: Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield was a New Zealand author who was considered a master of the short story form and one of the most influential and important Modernist authors. Her works explored anxiety, existentialism, and sexuality, and eventually developed a New Zealand identity. Mansfield was born in Thornton near Wellington to a socially prominent family. … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Katherine Mansfield