Classic Author Focus: Naguib Mafouz

Naguib Mafouz was a prolific Egyptian writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He wrote 34 novels, more than 350 short stories, movie scripts, and hundreds of op-ed newspaper columns. Many of his works have been made into films. Mafouz was the youngest child of a Muslim family in Cairo that was so strict … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Naguib Mafouz

Monthly Meme: What Kinds of Classic Books Do You Prefer?

Last month's discussion about what a classic book was very interesting and provoked a lot of response, I thought, so I figured I would suggest another topic, this one much more subjective. When you read classic literature, what's your preference, or will you read anything? Do you prefer the "literary" authors, like Dickens, Hugo, Austen, … Continue reading Monthly Meme: What Kinds of Classic Books Do You Prefer?

Classic Author Focus: Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral was a Chilean poet, diplomat, and educator who was the first Latin-American author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. She was also more recently shown through an archive of her letters to be a lesbian, despite her image being appropriated by Pinochet's military dictatorship as an example of a celibate, saint-like figure … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Gabriela Mistral