Classic Author Focus: Dorothy Whipple

As a schoolgirl, Dorothy Stirrup published more than forty stories in the "Children's Corner" of the Blackburn Weekly Telegraph. Later, she became a successful and popular novelist, short story and children's book writer, whose work reflected the concerns of her time. Because her novels were almost all set in Nottingham or Blackburn, where she lived all … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Dorothy Whipple


Classic Author Focus: Emilio Salgari

If you believe his own accounts of himself, Emilio Salgari was a great adventurer, who sailed the Seven Seas, traveled all over the North American continent, explored the Sudan, and romanced an Indian princess. In truth, Salgari was a fabulist, who flunked out of a nautical technical institution and never traveled any further from home … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Emilio Salgari