Member Updates #3

Hello! How is your December going so far? What are your holiday plans this year? Well, Welcome to this month’s member updates!


End of the Year Member List Cleaning (continued.)- I will be moving inactive & expired lists to the member’s archive throughout this month. If your listed is dated to end in 2018, but you’d like to added more time or change the date, please let me know. If you have exclamation marks (‼️) on your list, please contact me with an updated list link so I can update your entry. Thanks everyone. By January 1st, my goal is to have zero dead links and only have current/active lists on the page.

 Wall of Honor (continued.)- I have started the Wall of Honor and will continued to work on it throughout the end of the year. If you see an error on your entry there or if you have finished your list but aren’t listed, please let me know.

Clubber of the Month – On January’s post and going forward, I will start featuring one member each month to be the Clubber of the Month. These members will be the one’s you all think deserve recognition. I have enabled a nomination form in the drop down menu under the “Members” main section. Please feel free to nominate anyone you feel should be featured. Our first Clubber will be announced on next month’s post.

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Any questions? Please feel free to put them in the comments!


20 thoughts on “Member Updates #3

  1. What a sweet idea to celebrate inspiring members by choosing a Clubber of the month 🙂

    I just sent the link to my latest review: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and I am currently reading Little Women and a couple of contemporary books, fiction and non-fiction (City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab and The Greedy Queen: Eating with Victoria by Annie Gray)

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  2. I’m woefully behind in posting reviews of the books I’ve read. Also, I think my 5 years will expire in March 2019. However, I’m nowhere near done and intend to continue working through my list. But I’m going on a long vacation Jan.-May 2019 so won’t be posting much while away from regular internet access. Could you just keep me on until I get a chance to update my list? Thanks.


  3. I’ve yet to tackle my Classics Spin title, Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley but this month I have finished E Nesbit’s classic children’s New Treasure Seekers and, though not on my list, Natalie Babbit’s modern classic for kids of all ages Everlasting Tuck. Oh, and Eric Ambler’s eve-of-war thriller The Mask of Dimitrios. All in all a good month so far!

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      1. I thought for a YA novella it was wonderfully thoughtful and, well, different. It dealt philosophically with the real drawbacks of living eternally, but unlike many novels with a message the protagonists aren’t mere cardboard cut-outs to promote that message. For me it had all the ‘big three’ qualities—living, breathing characters; a narrative that zips along; and it was well written, even lyrical at times. I liked it!

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