Classic Author Focus: Sun Tzu

Statue of Sun Tzu Probably the most interesting thing about Sun Tzu is that it is not even known whether he actually existed. Although he is famous for having written The Art of War, in recent years, some historians have begun to wonder if he wasn't a made-up descriptor. That is because he isn't mentioned … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Sun Tzu

Classic Author Focus: Dorothy B. Hughes

Dorothy B. Hughes I decided to write about Dorothy B. Hughes after reading her noir suspense novel In a Lonely Place. It is an excellent, dark novel that was made into a movie starring Humphrey Bogart in 1950, in which unfortunately they changed the ending. Sadly, Hughes's life wasn't as exciting as her novels. She … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Dorothy B. Hughes

Classic Author Focus: Sigrid Undset

A friend recently blogged about Kristin Lavransdattar, which gave me the idea for my next focus post. Although Sigrid Undset is known mostly for that powerful depiction of of medieval life in Norway, she was also the author of contemporary realistic novels. Her novels written later in life were informed by her conversion to Catholicism. She is … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Sigrid Undset