Classic Author Focus: Tove Ditlevsen

Tove DitlevsenA writer in many genres, including poetry, Tove Ditlevsen was one of Denmark's most famous authors at the time of her death. Ditlevsen was born in a working class area of Copenhagen. She led a difficult life, and her work often reflects the loneliness of living in the poorer regions of the city. Not … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Tove Ditlevsen

Classic Author Focus: Miklós Bánffy

I selected Miklós Bánffy to write about this month because I am reading Volume I of his Transylvania Trilogy, the work he is most famous for. This trilogy depicts the decline of Hungary heading toward the first world war. Bánffy was a nobleman, a member a distinguished family of Transylvania, which until 1916 was a … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Miklós Bánffy

Classic Author Focus: Sigrid Undset

A friend recently blogged about Kristin Lavransdattar, which gave me the idea for my next focus post. Although Sigrid Undset is known mostly for that powerful depiction of of medieval life in Norway, she was also the author of contemporary realistic novels. Her novels written later in life were informed by her conversion to Catholicism. She is … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Sigrid Undset