Classic Author Focus: Johanna Spyri

Johanna Spyri Johanna Spyri was a Swiss author who is primarily known for writing the beloved children's classic, Heidi. Not much is known about Spyri's life except that she was born in a canton of Zurich named Hirzel and spent most of her life in that area. The setting she used for her novels was … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Johanna Spyri

Classic Author Focus: Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield was a New Zealand author who was considered a master of the short story form and one of the most influential and important Modernist authors. Her works explored anxiety, existentialism, and sexuality, and eventually developed a New Zealand identity. Mansfield was born in Thornton near Wellington to a socially prominent family. … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Katherine Mansfield