Classic Author Focus: Dorothy B. Hughes

Dorothy B. Hughes I decided to write about Dorothy B. Hughes after reading her noir suspense novel In a Lonely Place. It is an excellent, dark novel that was made into a movie starring Humphrey Bogart in 1950, in which unfortunately they changed the ending. Sadly, Hughes's life wasn't as exciting as her novels. She … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Dorothy B. Hughes

Classic Author Focus: Kamala Markandaya

Kamala Markayanda One of the difficulties I've found with trying to introduce more female writers from cultures other than European is that once I've identified some of them, I can't find out anything about them. A classic example is Kamala Markandaya, who is cited as one of the best-known Indian authors. Yet, on all the … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Kamala Markandaya

Classic Author Focus: Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela MistralGabriela Mistral was a Chilean poet, diplomat, and educator who was the first Latin-American author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. She was also more recently shown through an archive of her letters to be a lesbian, despite her image being appropriated by Pinochet's military dictatorship as an example of a celibate, saint-like … Continue reading Classic Author Focus: Gabriela Mistral