Group Check-ins – Every Two Months :-)

Group Check-Ins!

Q: What is the “Group Check-In?”

A:  The Group Check-In is a bi-monthly post where we clubbers gather to discuss our progress so far in our club lists. We chat about any struggles we’re having, tough authors we’ve confronted — and victories too! If we have a favorite novel so far, here’s where we share it. If we’ve just read an amazing novella, we come here to inspire others to try it. Or else, we report that we are slowly, slowly still making our way through Don Quixote (Ha!) Or that we have read twenty books in a week! The group check-in is a chance every few weeks to touch base together and see how we’re all faring in our adventure.

Q: Why do a Group Check-In?

A: Reading can potentially be a solitary quest. We want to give clubbers an opportunity to come together and be sociable about literature. And who better to be sociable with than other readers who get why you would turn down that action film to curl up on a leather sofa and read a book by a man who has been dead for 200 years!

Here’s where you get a chance to meet other clubbers — or to encourage our new members in their early reading. To compare thoughts on a book you just finished that another clubber is just beginning! It’s easy to become so absorbed by the books you’re reading that you quietly write about your books at your blog and forget about the incredible joy that can be found in reading alongside a community of readers who loves literature as much as you do. Please, join us every eight weeks and tell us what you’ve been reading.

Q: How will this work?

The first Check-In went live on September 15, 2012.

We posted fairly regularly until last July when our First Generation Moderators went on to new pastures. We Second Gen have decided to revive this lovely tradition in 2018.

We will (try to) gather every two months on the first Thursday (I know that’s random) of the month.

Wherever you are in your journey, please feel welcome to stop by and let us know how you’re doing so far. If you’re not far into your list yet, please don’t feel shy! Many of us are gently exploring the classics. This isn’t a competition, and it isn’t a challenge. It’s a community, and your reading pace is your own victory.

You are most welcome to interact together in the comments. That’s encouraged actually!


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