Group Check-In #28: February 2018

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Hi Clubbers! How’s the reading going?

Tell us about your project — or you! Introduce yourself. Chat. Are you new here? A veteran?

Tell us what you’ve read, how you’re feeling about your progress, how much you love the classics or the community — any struggles, a favorite read so far. Really, whatever you feel like sharing!

Some people prefer writing an update at their own blog and linking it here in the comments. That’s fine, too.

Feel free to respond to one another in the comments below — ask questions, visit each other, tell us you are new to the club, planning to join the club — etc. This is a meet and greet.

If you’re having trouble with your list and need encouragement, say that! That’s understandable. We want new classics readers to join us, so there’s nothing wrong with arriving to this thread with all of the newness showing!

(Please also note the “check-in” feature here is entirely voluntarily, intended for those who like weighing in with others in the group, and having a periodic place to reflect upon goals for the club. For some this feature would feel like an unwanted intrusion. Silent participation in this group is of course welcome!)

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm about this project!

New? Introduce yourself to the group on Twitter using hashtag #ccintroductions @ourclassicsclub. You can also introduce yourself here at the blog. 🙂

Twitter hashtag for reading check-ins: #ccreadingupdate

Note that if you’re on Twitter, you can also tweet your latest classic book reviews to the group using hashtag #ccbookreviews.


Question for the Club: What constitutes a classic?

Hi all,

I was just checking our recent comments (which come to us via email) and I saw one with a question that I’d like to put to the group:

What constitutes a Classic?

There are countless articles and essays that attempt to answer this question, but I don’t believe there exists a definitive answer.  Is it age?  Is it related to awards or honors?  Is it purely decided in the heart of its reader?

It seems that we had made an attempt to answer this question at some point in time.  However, our link is now broken and I can’t find the post!  So, let’s start a new one!  Tell us, how would you answer that question?