Did You Finish Your Spin?

Today's the Day! On the 19th November 2018, we announced the special CHUNKSTER edition of the Classic Club Spin, challenging you to read book 1 on your CC Spin #19 list by 31st January 2019. Did you read your book? Did you write about it, or not? What's Next? In the comments below, tell us what book you … Continue reading Did You Finish Your Spin?


January ’18 Clubber of the Month

Hello all and welcome to this month's post honoring Sherry from Ubiquitous Grace. As part of the festivities, Sherry has answered some questions and shared some post with us. For more information or If you have a nomination for future Clubbers of the month, you can nominate them on the clubber page. Nominations for February will be … Continue reading January ’18 Clubber of the Month