Greetings from the new kid on the block

Hello! I’m Stephen, a librarian from the Deep South  with a specialty in local history and digital preservation who has recently volunteered to help moderate at the Classics Club. I’m a life-long reader, known for always seeming to have a book on hand. I’ve been book-blogging at Reading Freely since 2007,  beginning back when MySpace (ask your grandparents about that one) was still around.  My first classic was also my first real novel, Jack London’s Call of the Wild,  but I didn’t really get the classics-reading buzz until after I graduated college and found myself looking for sources of enduring wisdom and grace in an increasingly turbulent world.  I’ve been involved with the Classics Club as a member since 2015, and am hoping to complete my second list in early 2024 if not earlier.  I see the Classics Club as both a way to stay grounded and to challenge ourselves as readers to grapple with bigger ideas (and longer sentences!) than we’re used to.  I look forward to growing together with fellow readers!


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