Did You Finish Your Spin?

Book The End

Today’s the Day!

On the 12th June we announced the latest Classic Club Spin, challenging you to read book on your CC Spin #30 list by 7th August.

Did you read your book? Did you write about it, or not?

Book The End

What’s Next?

  • In the comments below, tell us what book you read, and what you thought of it?
  • Feel free to add a link to your review, here, on twitter and/or fb.
  • Also add your link to the ‘Reviews by Members’ in the tab at the top of the page.
  • Take a moment to see what everyone else has been reading.
  • Tick/strikeout/cross off that book from your Classics Club List – congratulations!

As always, the prize is the reading experience. 

We hope you enjoyed it.

Twitter hashtag: #ccspin  #ccwhatimreading

Calendar alert: #ccspin 31 is scheduled for September 2022.


21 thoughts on “Did You Finish Your Spin?

  1. Yes I did. My book was The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. It was a bit hard to get into and there was so much killing and general violence, but I did learn a few things too. I haven’t gotten around to writing a review yet…

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  2. Yes, I did, thank you very much. And it was quite a quick read. My spin was The Phantom of the Opéra by Gaston Leroux.

    I’m looking forward to the next one because I always find so many other great books from other readers. Thanks for organizing this.

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  3. Due to some personal issues, I’ve not quite finished my spin book, The Moonstone. However, I’m pleased to report I should have it completed and reviewed by next weekend. On a positive note, I’m really enjoying it. and plan to read more from Wilkie Collins.

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    1. No pressure Joel.
      The spins are meant to be fun and it sounds like you’ve enjoyed one of the good ones! I read The Moonstone & The Woman in White in my twenties with a great deal of pleasure. But it wasn’t until I joined the CC that I learnt that Wilkie Collins wrote many more books. So far I’ve only read No Name from this huge backlist, but it was just as enjoyable as the other two.

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      1. I actually have both Woman in White and No Name on my list so looking forward to checking it out. Moonstone is so much fun, so much good melodrama and I totally am a fan of Sergeant Cuff!

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  4. I finished! I read Life with Father and enjoyed the ride into 1880s family life in New York City. Though the character of Father is an overbearing, emotional, at times tyrant, he is not sadistic or cruel and his wife and children read him very well. I loved all the details of the history of the times and highly recommend this memoir for those interested in the late 19th c.

    Life with Father, Clarence Day, Jr. (1935) Classics Club Spin #30

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