For Your Summer (or Winter) Entertainment…

 AUSTEN IN AUGUST is an annual reading event celebrating one of literature’s greatest writers! This event was inspired by a Twitter conversation that took place ten years ago between three founders of The Classics Club.

The goal is to read as many of Jane Austen’s works (finished or unfinished) as you want or are able to, during the month of August. Biographies, audiobooks, spin-offs, and re-reads also count. 

If you want to sign-up to join us as a reader during the Austen in August, simply leave a comment stating such here!

Readerbuzz and Thyme-for-tea are delighted to bring you the annual blogging event that celebrates all things Paris and French.

The aim of the month is to celebrate our French experiences through reading, watching, listening, observing, cooking, and eating all things French!

There will be no rules or targets in terms of how much you need to do or complete in order to be a part of this experience – just blog about anything French and you can join in!

It’s time once again for the 20 Books of Summer, hosted by 746 Books. This year the event will be kicking off on Wednesday 1 June and finishing on Thursday 1 September. If you want to join in, just take the Books of Summer image, and pick your own 10, 15, or 20 books you would like to read. Post the link to your choices in the post’s comments here.

The Big Book Summer Reading Challenge kicks off Friday, May 27! This is the 10th anniversary of the challenge, so the host, Sue Jackson of Book by Book, has some fun surprises planned, including a double end-of-summer giveaway and some cool Big Book Summer products. In case you’re not familiar with Big Book Summer, it is a fun and very easy-going challenge that anyone can participate in (even if it’s Big Book Winter where you live!). A Big Book is 400 or more pages, and you can read just one over the whole season or two or however many you want. Some like to choose a whole stack and devote the summer to Big Books, even though we might not get through them all. The details are explained in a post on Friday, May 27, on the blog (and she will post a video on YouTube, too).

Have we missed any summer challenges? Share them in the comments.

Are you participating in any of these? Tell us about it in the comments.


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