Did You Finish Your Spin?

Book The End

Today’s the Day!

On the 18th July we announced the latest Classic Club Spin, challenging you to read book on your CC Spin #27 list by 22nd August 2021.

Did you read your book? Did you write about it, or not?

Book The End

What’s Next?

  • In the comments below, tell us what book you read, and what you thought of it?
  • Feel free to add a link to your review, here, on twitter and/or fb.
  • Also add your link to the ‘Reviews by Members’ in the tab at the top of the page.
  • Take a moment to see what everyone else has been reading.
  • Tick/strikeout/cross off that book from your Classics Club List – congratulations!

As always, the prize is the reading experience. 

We hope you enjoyed it.

Twitter hashtag: #ccspin  #ccwhatimreading

Calendar alert: #ccspin 28 is scheduled for October.

31 thoughts on “Did You Finish Your Spin?

  1. I missed this post, even though I completed my Spin book by mid-August. Oh well, here is a link to my review for ONE OF US by Willa Cather. I had adjusted my list to be more author focused “Something by Cather” was my spin book. I wanted to read DEATH COMES FOR THE ARCHBISHOP but my library didn’t have an available copy in any format so I settled for this one. I’m glad I did. It is also a Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. It was written and published just years after the end of the WWI, a topic I’ve not read much about. https://headfullofbooks.blogspot.com/2021/08/review-one-of-ours.html


  2. Sorry, no I didn’t, and I’m not sure when I’ll get round to it. In fact, having so much already on my TBR pile, which includes classics on my list, I find doing the Spin is an anxiety too far—so I may give them a miss for the foreseeable future.


    1. I had a terrible time with SPINS last year. I thought I wanted to participate but found myself getting books I didn’t really want to read so I dawdled and delayed. It helped when I changed up my list to be more author focused than title focused. “Something by Faulkner” “Something by Cather” etc helped me feel a bit more in control. I was able to pick a book from the author’s whole catalog and select something that interested me on the day (and something available at the library.) Also tell yourself that no one cares if you finish your book except you. The stress can be tremendous, however. BTW- It took me over a year to read East of Eden and I eventually ended up liking it a lot. Ha!

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      1. You’re right, it’s only me who really cares if I finish a book or not — so I should stop mentally beating myself up about it! I keep telling myself that I am reading books for pleasure and that memes, challenges and similar events are merely prompts and are no real biggies if I don’t complete them or even choose to ignore them. A stress-busting way to regard Spins and all their ilk!


  3. October? Hm… well… I think I’ve got 20 books for my list now (one is still on its way to me), and October looks less busy for me… I think I might join in on this next one!


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