Goals for 2021?

I suspect that we Classic Clubbers are a people who set more goals than most. (I also suspect that we are a people who tend to carry the goals out, but perhaps that’s a thought for another time.)

What are your reading/bookish goals for 2021? What Classic Club goals have you set for the new year? What progress do you hope to make this year on your Classic Club list?

Share your thoughts and/or links in the comments.

26 thoughts on “Goals for 2021?

  1. Originally, my goal was to have no reading goal for 2021. I was just going to read whatever suited my whimsy – cuz what’s life without whimsy? I say “originally” because now with this question, I feel obliged (not quite clear on penalties for failure to answer – and unwilling to risk my good standing). So for now, I’d say my goal is to complete the two tomes I’m currently reading: Wives and Daughters, and John Adams by David McCullough. I’m enjoying both, but they are rather long. After that, to complete both Back to the Classics and What’s in a Name challenges for 2021. And finally, to beat Ruth in completing The Classics Club Round III. Nah…I won’t finish this year, and not really racing either. Cheers.

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  2. My goal is to read 120 books, and I have already read 6.
    As for classics, I’d like to get as close as possible to finishing my 2 bog projects: relisten to the whole Bible – I just finished the Book of Psalms. And listen to the whole Hercule Poirot canon – and I have listened to 12 so far.
    From January-March there’s th Japanese Literature Challenge, and I plan on reading several classics. I should actually finish today The Sound of Waves, by Yukio Mishima. So things are going well so far.
    Oh and I signed up for the Books in Translation challenge

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  3. I can’t believe it took me this long to find this blog! I’ve been working on an 100 Classics list on my blog for a year now! I’m 20 books down (with reviews!) and am hoping to get even closer this year. I can’t want to read more of your stuff! 🙂

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  4. Definitely read more of the unread classics sitting on my shelves! But allow space to reread or listen to favorites like Pride and Prejudice…for the 3rd time. 🥰😂

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  5. My finish date is July 2022 so I’m going to try and read 19 from the 20 I have left this year and leave next year to Les Miserables so I won’t feel under pressure and can enjoy it!

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  6. Reading Moby Dick in 2019 was a rich experience for me. I read the book, slowly, marking parts I liked, rereading paragraphs. I read a graphic novel of the book. I read a children’s picture book about it. I listened to a podcast about each chapter. I read a book about whales. I read a book about the author’s life. I watched a Moby Dick movie. I kept a list of quotes. I kept a list of new words. I looked at illustrations of the story by many different artists.

    I’ve always tended to be a person who blows through books, and I probably will always continue to do that. But I loved my Moby Dick experience, and I think I will now always aim to have a few of those experiences every year for the rest of my life.

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    1. That sounds wonderful, I love getting completely absorbed by a book – when you started reading did you plan to read around it or did it just happen?

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  7. I wrote a little post about this a few days ago! https://howlingfrog.blogspot.com/2021/01/reading-goals-for-2021.html

    My goals are:
    1. Continue to work on Reading ALL Around the World and my Classics Club list. I love these two, and I wish I was making better progress.
    2. Read as much history as I can cram into my brain, with a focus on WWII. But other history is good too!
    3. Also and at the same time, read whatever I want.

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  8. I have fifteen books on my CC list that I haven’t reviewed yet. However, I have read six of them and they are queued up for review. I’d like to read the remaining nine this year and start a new list.

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    1. This year, I’m planning on reading 10 more books from my list to meet my goal of 50 books a little early. I’m looking forward to reading them and then putting a new list together for my next round!

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  9. My goal is to read the seven books remaining on my list by the end of the year. I’ve been listening to more audiobooks recently and, as I don’t yet own physical/digital copies of all seven, I’ll be looking out for unabridged audio versions, trawling my local library’s online offerings or waiting patiently until I can browse in a bookshop (if that day ever arrives!).

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