Summer Reading Challenges: #bookaday and #bigbooksummer and #20booksofsummer20

Having a goal, having a focus centers me, especially during difficult times. You may be different, and that’s perfectly okay. But if you’d like some focus for your reading life during this summer, I encourage you to join me in a couple of summer reading challenges.

bookaday challenge

Every summer for over ten years, the Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller, has hosted the #bookaday challenge. It’s a public commitment to read or share a book each day over the long summer break. Of course, this summer it’s a little different. As Miller writes, “If you asked me three months ago what I would do if the world was canceled and I was forced to stay at home, I would have said, ‘Read a ton of books!’ I am the Book Whisperer, after all. Currently, I am reading too many newspapers and not enough happy endings. My vast experience reading dystopias isn’t helping me right now because this is how they all start.”
Nevertheless, Miller plans to forge on.
What are the guidelines for #bookaday?
  • You set your own start and end dates.
  • Read one book per day. This is an average, so if you take a week to read a big book, you can balance it out with some picture books or early readers.
  • Any book in any format qualifies: picture books, nonfiction, professional books, audio books, graphic novels, poetry anthologies, or fiction—children, young adult, or adult titles.
  • Keep a list of the books you read and share them often via a social networking sites like Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Use the #bookaday hashtag to find other participants and share your recommendations. Titles or covers will do.
  • If you don’t feel like reading a book a day is the right reading goal for you, share a book every day—read with a child or family member, give away a book to someone who needs it, or buy a book from an independent bookstore if you can.
To find out more, check out this post at The Nerdy Book Club.
Think trying to read a book a day is a crazy idea? Maggie Galehouse of the Houston Chronicle offers tips here.
big book summer challenge
Sue Jackson of Book By Book is asking us to go big this summer with her Big Book Summer Reading Challenge. Sue has offered this challenge for nine years. The challenge culminates in a Big Book Giveaway.
What are the rules for the Big Book Summer Reading Challenge?
  • Anything 400 pages or more qualifies as a big book.
  • The challenge will run from Memorial Day weekend (starting May 22 this year) through Labor Day weekend (Labor Day is September 7 this year).
  • Choose one or two or however many big books you want as your goal. Wait, did you get that?  You only need to read 1 book with 400+ pages this summer to participate! (though you are welcome to read more, if you want).
  • Sign up on the first links list on Book by Book.
  • Write a post to kick things off: you can list the exact big books you plan to read or just publish your intent to participate, but be sure to include the Big Book Summer Challenge pic, with a link back to Book by Book. It’s fine to kick-off your Big Book Summer as part of another post.
  • Write a post to wrap up at the end, listing the big books you read during the summer.
  • You can write progress posts if you want to and/or reviews of the big books you’ve read … but you don’t have to! There is a separate links list at Book by Book for big book reviews, progress update posts, and wrap-up posts.

To sign up for the challenge, add your link here.



How about one more? Why not?

Cathy at 746 Books offers the 20 Books of Summer Challenge for 2020. Look how easy this is:

One summer.

Three months.

93 Days.

20 books.

Are you in?

Post a sign up list and be sure to share your progress with #20booksofsummer20.

And if twenty books sounds too daunting, she offers fifteen and ten book challenges also.

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  1. Good idea, and usually I would have jumped to these challenges. However, as soon as I make a list of books to read, I never feel like reading them. I prefer to choose one that fits my mood at the time. I followed Nina Sankovitch’s blog some years ago when she read a book a day for a year. Very interesting. You find her website here:
    Good luck to all of you and hope you enjoy your summer reading.

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