24in48 Presents: The Social Distancing Readathon

24in48 The Social Distancing Readathon

From the 24in48 Readathon:

And as more and more countries are implementing social distancing recommendations (if not actual quarantines), we decided it was time to find comfort in books and the community that loves them.

Which brings us to the Social Distancing Readathon.

Stay home.

Wash your hands.

Read books.

March 21 & 22. 

It’s that simple. No prizes. No hourly challenges. No requirements. Just a chance to reconnect with this amazing bookish community (online! no hand sanitizer required!), read some good books, and talk about them with other readers.

This spontaneous Social Distancing Readathon will take place next weekend, (officially) starting 12 a.m. EST on March 21st. You know the drill by now; adjust your timezone as desired, and read with us on Saturday (21st) and Sunday (22nd) from wherever you are in the world.

So, who’s in? Sign up here. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll use the hashtag #StayHome24in48 all weekend.

virrtual hug

Plan on reading—with us—a whole lot.

We’ll see you on the internet, where digital hugs have no virus transmission risk.


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3 thoughts on “24in48 Presents: The Social Distancing Readathon

  1. Well, everything else in my life has been cancelled. I’ll be home alllllll weekend. No excuses.


  2. Great idea! I’m really loving my online communities right now — especially the ones that are engaged with something other than talking about disease.

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