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Happy August everyone & back to school season! Welcome to this month’s update post! How was everyone’s July and summer? Anyone have any excited reading plans for the month?


Clubber of the Month – I’ll be announcing this month’s pick later in the month when I do Tracy’s post. If you haven’t already checked out Tracy from Bitter Tea & Mystery, you should! Great blog and member! Congrats again Tracy.

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12 thoughts on “Member Updates #12

  1. August is turning out to be a month of firsts!

    I read and reviewed my first Willa Cather, O Pioneers! and became an instant fan. I recently started my first Georgette Heyer, Venetia and am really enjoying her writing style and well-drawn characters. I also started Moby Dick, one of my most feared reads, but doing it as a readalong has put those fears to rest…only 14 chapters in, but I now wonder just what I feared?!

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          1. Oh, ha! I’m on the wordpress app and didn’t see this other comment at first. Oh happy technology! I tip my hat.


        1. I see you found me there, ha ha! Just connected. Yay!! 😊

          (But I wonder who I friended who wasn’t you?) 😮


  2. I’ve read some nice stuff lately, like Trollope’s novel The Claverings, which I liked a lot. I just finished Svetlana Alexievich’s Secondhand Time, which I think is definitely a modern classic. And now I’m going back in time to the Middle Ages and reading the lays of Marie de France.


    1. After watching Chernobyl recently, I really want to read Alexievich’s Voices from Chernobyl now.

      I really must read a Trollope one day soon!


  3. My July in Sydney was cold and wintry – great for reading lots of books! Have just started my Moby Dick Readlalong and surprising myself how much I’m loving this tricky classic so far (but I’m only 10 chapters in so anything could happen I guess!!)

    Still finishing The Count of Monte Cristo chapter a day readalong too (it finishes early Sept). It has been a fabulous dramatic story about revenge and justice and love.

    It’s the middle of our school year here, all the senior kids are getting ready for their big final exams, while the rest of us are trying to get rid of our lingering winter colds. It has been a terrible year for colds and flu’s this winter. I hope we don’t send them to you guys in the northern hemisphere as the seasons change again.

    Happy reading wherever you are 🙂

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