Member Updates #10

Happy June everyone & welcome to this month’s update post. How was everyone’s May? I had a great month but pretty busy as usual! Has anyone started reading their summer reading list yet? What book are you looking forward to reading this summer the most?


Clubber of the Month – We’ve decided to keep the Clubber of the Month post since everyone seems to really like this feature. So… This month’s clubber of the month is…*drumroll*… Tracy from Bitter Tea & Mystery. Yay! Congrats. Look forward to a post all about Tracy later in the month.

If you’d like to nominated a Clubber for future months, you can fill in the form on the Clubber of the Month page.

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Also, just as a reminder, if you’d like to change the due date on your list, change the link or if you have finished your list, let me know in the comments or on the Contact Page and I’ll be sure to get your entry up to date.

Any other questions? Please feel free to put them in the comments too!

Have a Great June,


5 thoughts on “Member Updates #10

  1. My winter reading plans are in place, but except for Moby Dick I haven’t figured in any classics (my bad)!
    Although I’m also reading The Count of Monte Cristo a chapter a day at the moment, so guess I’m not doing too bad after all.


  2. Congrats, Tracy.
    It’s been 2 something years for me, and I already have read 60 classics, but I am not going to ask to be added to the honor wall until I make it to the five years mark, -with whatever number of classics I am at the time-. My list still has many other titles.
    I have missed the last spins, but plan not to miss the next one.
    My summer reads are being few so far but enjoyable. We will see how it progresses.
    Have a great summer full of good books yourselves.

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  3. I finished my spin in May (The School For Scandal) and I’m about 2/3rds through Russell’s History Of Western Philosophy, one of the longer books on my list.

    Hope everyone has a great reading June (and great in other ways, too!)

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