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Yay, Happy May!! Welcome to this month’s update post. How was everyone’s April? Mine for one was very busy! I hardly even had time for reading or anything else besides work and since I work in a Library, I can already forsee June (aka “Summer Reading Program” month) being very busy as well. I am excited for summer reading though! Do you all have any books you are looking forward to reading this summer?


Clubber of the Month – We had a little hiccup in last month’s Clubber of the Month so I couldn’t post. I’ve also noticed that I have only gotten a very few suggestions. So I want to know if you guys like this feature and if you would like it to continue? Do you guys have any suggestions on how to make it better?

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Also, just as a reminder, if you’d like to change the due date on your list, change the link or if you have finished your list, let me know in the comments or on the Contact Page and I’ll be sure to get your entry up to date.

Any other questions? Please feel free to put them in the comments too!

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21 thoughts on “Member Updates #9

  1. Sorry, I accidentally posted this to last months thread, hope it’s ok to put here:
    I finished One Hundred Years of Solitude!

    I still need to review A Vindication of the Rights of Woman from last month.

    about Clubber of the Month:
    I started paying attention to at Clubber of the Month in… February I think? I like it so far and I plan to take a look at some of the earlier ones.

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  2. I’m well past the half-way mark on my May spin read – The Song of the Lark, by Willa Cather. Loving every minute of it, especially now that Thea is in AZ and living in a cliff dwelling. No problem finishing by month’s end.

    I’m doing well overall on Spring Reading list–I feel I have an abundance of wonderful books in process or just finished.

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  3. I finished my spin which wasn’t the one I was hoping for but was absolutely brilliant – Primo Levi’s If This Is A Man, but now need to write a review, which is the hard part!

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  4. I like the Clubber of the Month feature and usually read it but I’ll confess I don’t get round to nominating anyone. How about just choosing a member at random or a new member or a member who’s just completed their list?

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  5. I’ve got three challenges going for myself right now: 1) to read all the Chronicle of Barcetshire novels by Anthony Trollope. I’m on number 4 out of six (Framley Parsonage). I read The Small House at Allington last summer but I”ve decided to reread it in order of publication. 2) I’m reading through all of Georgette Heyer’s mysteries. These are all set in the 1930s I believe. A bit like Christie only Heyer instead! Again, going in the order of publication I’ve read 3, 5 more to go. 3) I am trying to read all 3 of Susan Wise Bauer’s adult history text. I did the Ancient for the last classical spin. I am right now in the middle of the one on Medieval History (and enjoying it immensely) and at some point before the end of 2019 I hope to read her text on the Renaissance. I’m having a wonderful time! I so appreciate the Classic Club!

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    1. That’s an impressive reading session Faith. I have the Trollope’s on my TBR shelf for one day – I plan to read them in chronological order too when I do.
      I have a couple of friends who adore Heyer, yet I still have not read any of her books (hangs head in shame). Which ones are your favourite?


  6. I like the clubber of the month feature! I’ve met some nice people that way. That doesn’t mean I have suggestions…

    It’s been a very busy month. I’m working on my Spin title, which is a giant collection of short stories by Walter de la Mare. I always forget how tired I get in short story collections.

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    1. I hear you Jean. I’m reading a short story collection by Guy de Maupassant for Paris in July – this will be my third July with the collection as I can only read about 3 or 4 at a time.


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