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Yay, Happy April everyone & Welcome to this month’s update post. How was everyone’s March? Read any good classics? Anything particular you plan to read in the next few weeks?


April Clubber of the Month – Time to announce the Clubber of the Month! This person was chosen because of their great and unique classics posts and their great involvement in the club! So this month’s Clubber of the Month is….. Jacqui from JacquiWine’s Journal.

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4 thoughts on “Members Updates #8

  1. Well, let’s see. Since last month’s update I’ve read Papillon and Candide. I didn’t love either. But now, I’ve spent the week in Seattle, and today, I’m taking the long, ugh…sooo long, coast-to-coast flight home, during which I will start on ***drumroll*** In Cold Blood. A couple of reading pals here have expressed their excitement for me to read this one, so they have some pressure now. It’s created high expectations, hope it lives up. Cheers.


  2. I’m about halfway through Richard Wright’s collection of haiku, with the hope of finishing by the end of the month. I know I’ll have a lot to say about his haiku, but I’m a bit concerned I won’t have much to say coherently–after all, how does one sum up over 800 poems in one go?

    At the very least, I’d like to do a full-blown analysis of one of Wright’s haiku, to explore how much can be said in just three short lines of verse. That, I’m really looking forward to doing.


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