Member Updates #7

Yay, Happy March everyone & Welcome to this month’s update post. How was everyone’s February? Read any good classics? Anything particular you plan to read in the next few weeks?


Read-a-longs – I wonder if spring makes people want to read more? While browsing twitter this week, I stumbled upon a few different read-a-longs! Since these are my favorite types of events, I’ve decided to post them for you all:

– Read-a-long with Words & Peace and Emerald City Book Review.  I couldn’t find much info on it yet, but I do believe it starts next week on Monday, the 18th.

Fanda’s Classiclit is inviting people to read Zola with her, April 1st – 30th.

#WollstonecraftReadAlong – A Great Book Study will be hosting a readalong of A Vindication of the Rights of a Woman April 1st to 31st.

#GWTWReadalong – Also, the Gone with the Wind readalong is still going strong through the end of March. I’m participating in this one myself, although I haven’t been able to keep up. I forsee myself taking next weekend to catch up.

Classics Club Live – Our next #ClassicsClubLive will be on Saturday, March 23rd from 12pm (Noon) to 8pm (Central Timezone, GMT -6). I’ll post & pin the time conversions and other info on twitter soon.

February Clubber of the Month – Yay, time to announce the Clubber of the Month. This person was chosen because of her tireless devotion to the club. Every time I check twitter I see so many new comments and conversations from her and so many club posts on the blog. She is a really active & great club member! So this month’s Clubber of the Month is….. Nancy from NancyElin Book Blog.

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Also, just as a reminder, if you’d like to change the due date on your list, change the link or if you have finished your list, let me know in the comments or on the Contact Page and I’ll be sure to get your entry up to date.

Any other questions? Please feel free to put them in the comments too!

Have a Great March,


11 thoughts on “Member Updates #7

  1. I have finished and reviewed The Odyssey and Macbeth from my list:

    Both of these were rereads for me.

    slowly continuing with:
    Metamorphoses – Ovid
    Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire – Edward Gibbon (the 700 page version, abridged)
    I Explain a Few Things: Selected Poems – Pablo Neruda

    planning to read soon:
    The Spy Who Came in from the Cold – John LeCarre – this is short so I think I can fit it in

    I am also joining the Wollstonecraft Readalong in April.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing these links! I have found so many bloggers who read the same things I like.

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