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How are you all going with your super-dooper chunkster edition of the CC Spin? With only ten days to go, are you in trouble? Well on the way? Or done and dusted? Let us know if you need a cheer squad to help you through – we can pop by, comment and encourage you on any social media site you prefer, just tag us and hashtag us #ccspin and we’ll be there! Then come back here on the 31st Jan to leave a link for your review.

Meanwhile, we’ve been playing around with some hashtags on our new Classics Club Instagram account.

To help us remember them, we’ve put them all in one place (below). We’ve tried to create unique hashtags where possible. However, the #cc hashtag often picks up lots of ‘cute couple’ pics while the #classic tag tends to bring in lots of old car photos.

If you haven’t found us on Instagram yet, pop by and say ‘hi’. Take a photo of your #ccspin book so we can see where in the world you are. For now, though, here are our Classics Club tags (with some examples):

#ccspin                (visit Laurie’s instagram account)


#ccdare                (visit Carol’s instagram account)





#ccweatherupdate              (visit Fanda’s instagram account)




#ccwhatimreading               (visit Amanda’s instagram account)


#cclostinagoodbook          (visit Christine’s instagram account)




#cconholiday          (visit Chris’ instagram account)


#ccinthewild                 (visit Tanya’s instagram account)


#classicsoutandabout    (visit Brona’s instagram account)


#stackofclassics             (visit Shell’s instagram account)





If you haven’t already discovered us on Insta, we’d love to see soon. Please let us know if you have any more great ideas for Instagram hashtags.


4 thoughts on “Classic Instagram

  1. Slow but stead going on Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley though still only about a quarter of the way through—too many other literary distractions! Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it but I do like sometimes to pepper long reads with shorter ones. 🙂

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  2. As you said, done and dusted:
    It was not a chunkster, but now, I’m reading 4 chunksters at the same time. 4 classics, but only 2 are on my official 50 book list!! Go figure.
    The official ones are and The Moonstone (I’m listening to that one).
    Then I got dragged into reading right now 2 long classics with some online read-alongs: Don Quixote and Berlin AlexanderPlatz!

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