Member Updates #5

Yet Another Book BlogHello! Woot, it’s 2019! Wow, how did this happen so quickly? It seriously still feels like March 2018…  Well, Welcome to this month’s member updates!


End of the Year Member List Cleaning (continued.)- Yay, I’ve finished cleaned up all the entries on the member list that were invalid links. Now is the time to tackle the Lists that expired in 2018. If this is your list, please comment with your reading status and what you want me to do with your entry. I can extend the date or moved you to the Wall of Honor, if you have finished.

 Classics Club Live – Later this month, we will start a new twitter event called Classics Club Live. Every event I will pin an introduction post on twitter with a link to a featured Classic Club blog post. If you want to participate, you will reply to that post with your name, your current classic read and a link to a classic club post on your blog (can be your main list, a review, your spin list or whatever you like, as long as it’s related to the classics club.). After replying, you will be tasked with visiting and commenting on three (or more) blog posts: (1)the featured one on the Intro post, (2) the link post direct below/before you in the reply thread of twitter, and (3) one random link of your choosing. Questions? Please put them in the comments below. We will start our first event very soon!

January Clubber of the Month – The time has come to announce our first clubber of the month. We didn’t get any nominations, so I used to choose someone for us! The randomizer choose: Sherry from Ubiquitous Grace! Yay!! Please congratulate Sherry everyone & be on the look out for a special posts about her later in the month!

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Any questions? Please feel free to put them in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Member Updates #5

      1. Jillian as in me? Or is there another Jillian with the club now? 😀 (I am the Jillian who has been around since 2010, and with the club since March 2012.)

        However this does sound like something I might think up. I don’t remember it though! 😂


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