Deb Nance: Let’s Talk Classic Club Events and Resources


“What do you like to read?” people ask me all the time.

“Everything,” I tell them.

“But what do you like to read best?” They want clarification.

“I like to read the good books,” I say.

Classics are the good books, I think.


I’m Deb Nance and I’ve been blogging at Readerbuzz for ten years. I started spontaneously reading at two and I’ve never stopped. I was delighted to be chosen recently as one of the four new Generation Two moderators here at the Classics Club.


I have a special interest in (1) children’s classics (I’ve read, to date, 682 of the 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read), (2) finding ways to connect our club members (one of my favorite things about blogging is the blogging community), and (3) helping club members come up with good lists and make it through daunting classic books (the librarian in me).

I’m in charge of posting monthly Events and assembling a Resources page. I’m responsible for our Facebook page and our Pinterest boards.


I had a heck-of-a-good-time last month with Austen in August (and I knocked four Austen books off my Classics Club list). I am eager to join in with any other classic-ish events around the blogosphere in coming months.

I am terribly interested in coming up with a helpful club Resources page. Bear with me as I begin work on this.


Can you help me?

Classics Clubbers have been great in recent months in sharing events and resources around the blogosphere. Please keep sharing events and resources via comments on the blog here and Facebook, our Goodreads group, Instagram, and Twitter.

I’m very happy to be here. Thank you for helping me find and read the good books.







9 thoughts on “Deb Nance: Let’s Talk Classic Club Events and Resources

  1. One of the most valuable resources I’ve discovered is Project Gutenberg
    “Valuable” in a very literal sense, since the site has thousands of free books (ebooks and some audio). It’s particularly pertinent for this group, since so many classics are in the public domain, and hence available on Project Gutenberg. They’ve never asked me for a donation – though I donate once a year.

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  2. I have a (slightly unconventional) recommendation as a resource — Jenny Williams creates beautiful artwork that all centers around the theme of Literary Heroines with a heavy emphasis on classics — she has an Etsy shop Carrot Top Paper Shop ( — but even more than her products (which are beautiful) she runs a Kindred Spirits newsletter and Facebook group where “kindred spirits” can participate in book club discussions every few months or so. So far we have read A Little Princess, A Wrinkle in Time, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and Anne of Green Gables (Anne was just last night and the discussion was SO GOOD!) Check her out!

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