Roll Up, Roll Up!

Hello Clubbers and welcome to our Classics Club Games Extravaganza! I am your new event ringmaster. If you love the CC Spins, Monthly Memes and book tags, then I’m the one to turn to for all your in-house club fun.

Roll Up Roll Up

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bronwyn. I’ve been running Brona’s Books for over nine years, editing the non-fiction page of the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge since 2015 and an active member of The Classics Club since August 2012. I was thrilled to be offered one of the new moderator positions. My role in the new team is to focus on in-house club events and manage the new Instagram site. My special interests include classics in translation, Antipodean classics, non-fiction classics (especially memoirs and biographies) and reading early Nobel, Pulitzer and Miles Franklin prize winners.

I’m in the process of linking up all the old memes, spins and games under the one tab – Club Games. We plan to continue regular Spins – wahoo! – (probably 3 a year) and Memes (although they may not be a monthly feature going forward). We like the idea of Sync Reads, Book Corner 2.0 and other shared, group reading experiences if they are things that our wider community would like us to host.

Past events like Twelve Months of Classic Literature, the Book Dare and the Women’s Classic Literature event could be revived or re-jigged if our members would like to see these, or something like them, again. Our recent survey will help us develop these ideas further once the results are collated.

Our desire is to provide one game/tag/event per month. From 2019 we will publish a calendar of these events so that you can plan your reading and blogging schedules.

We welcome new ideas and suggestions for fun ways to come together to read and enjoy classics.

But for now, stop reading this, and get back to your CC Spin #18 book – only 11 days to go!


12 thoughts on “Roll Up, Roll Up!

  1. I love the idea of sync /readalongs. It would be a great way to connect with other CC member and maybe read something we have been meaning to get to but haven’t yet. 😊


  2. Thanks Bronwyn, funny I always thought Brona was your name, and all the new team for your energy and new ideas. Unfortunately, I had to take care of sb sick at home and this time was not able to participate in the CCSpin. I’m also very slow at reviewing my classic reads, but will eventually get to them

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    1. My eldest nephew couldn’t say my name properly when he was learning to talk. Brona was born & it has stuck! I much preferred it as a nickname over Bronny!

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    1. Yes the Sync Reads were like a readalong. I read Their Eyes Were Watching God thanks to the very first one & have a very fond feeling for them as a result. I couldn’t join in the others as I wasn’t ready, so I hope to do a couple a year with LOTS of prep time for people to decide if they will join in or not.

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        1. I’m thinking it could be books that are considered a bit tougher to read than normal – content, writing style, difficult themes etc – ones where reading with others might help get you through the tricky bits?

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  3. This all sounds great as I love the idea of events that will make me focus on reading from my list instead of getting distracted by other books. That’s why I particularly enjoy the spin…hmm, must go and pick that book up now.

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