Taking Care of Our Members!

Hello clubbers and welcome to week 2 of August, aka the second week of Spin #18 (How’s that going btw? Started? Finished?). I wanted to write a post today to introduce myself, let you know a bit about my responsibilities to the club and tell you a bit about my future plans!

First off, My name is Margaret. I’ve been blogging and building websites for many years and I maintain a few commercial websites on a regular basis. Besides that, I also blog at my own site, Books In Bloom. I also work at my local library!

As for my duties in the club, I am the one taking care of our members. Over the last two weeks, I’ve started by trimming down the members list. There were a lot of dead links and expired lists. All lists that were elapsed have moved to the Members Archives, leaving only active members. I am also responsible for making sure new members are added to the list and be sure everyone’s link and entry is up to date. If you ever want to change or update your membership, I’d love to help you! In the coming weeks, I will be creating a Wall of Honor for our members who have completed their list!

Another of my duties includes manning the club Twitter! My idea for twitter is to increase our interactions with each other. I also would really like to highlight your reviews and posts. I’ve been trying to retweet all of your reviews and other club posts, but if I’ve missed your link, please let me know. I will also try to keep you guys informed on club events and twitter events.

I’ll be publishing a new post each month and I thought it would be cool to post some accumulative monthly stats:


Well guys, that is about all I have for today. If you have any questions, you can find me on twitter, the club email or the contact form here on the blog.



36 thoughts on “Taking Care of Our Members!

  1. Hi Margaret…I just realized the links my list #1 is not a working link, and the link for list #2 is not the right link. (both my fault, I changed em somewhere along the way. List #1: http://100greatestnovelsofalltimequest.blogspot.com/p/the-classics-club-round-i-dostoyevsky.html
    And List #2: http://100greatestnovelsofalltimequest.blogspot.com/p/the-classics-club-round-ii.html

    And finally, a little moral dilemma for me here…I really like being #1 on the list, because my blog was originally call “The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time…” (and I didn’t do that intentionally to be #1, that was just serendipity). However, I changed my blog name as well, and I should really be listed under my given nom de blog “The Once Lost Wanderer”

    Awright, that’s all. Great job to you and all the mods.

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  2. Hi Margaret! Thanks for joining on as a new moderator and for trying to bolster club interaction on Twitter. Your post reminded me that I never informed the mods that I extended by end date. Just sent a message letting you all know. 🙂

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  3. A strange thing. A day after I contacted you folks with my list, I found my blog name and list in the archives. I don’t see it there anymore…. ?


  4. All sounds great, Margaret, and thanks for taking on the work! I don’t know how feasible it would be but I’d love an easy way to find new members – a monthly list with links maybe? Very glad the list’s been cleaned up – I’ve tried a few times to visit blogs from it, but have always had difficulty finding the people who’re still active. And I’ll try to be better about using Twitter hashtags… 🙂

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    1. You read my mind! This month’s post was mostly an introducing but next post I will be listing all the new members and all the new Wall of Honor members. There are also 2 other things I will be announcing next month! 😀

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  5. This is great! I tried looking through the members list a little while back and everything I clicked seemed to be dead, so I’m glad to see the list cleaned up. Also my vanity will be very happy to see my name up on the wall of honor!

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    1. Hehe!! You deserve it!! 🙂 A few months ago, when we did the Meme about introducing a fellow club member on your blog, I clicked atleast 3 or 4 dead links. It was a frustrating so I’m so glad I have it done now! 🙂


  6. Hi Margaret, Thanks so much for joining the new group of moderators and maintaining the website. I completed my first Classics Club list last fall and am currently working on a second (completion date 11/1/22), but find my blog listed in the member archives section rather than with current members. My links still seem to work… please let me know if they do not. Thanks, JoAnn


  7. Hi Margaret! Welcome!

    I *think* I completed my challenge a few years ago, but will admit that I haven’t been involved much over the last few years, so I dont even know the state of my page or my challenge – but have been keeping half an eye on things over the years.

    To help with finding others on twitter, would it be worth (re)establishing one or more hashtags, so that people can find each other? Is it #ClassicsClub?

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    1. Oh yeah I see you on the archive list, Writing About Books! Let me know if you have finished or if you want to recommit and I can either change your date or move you to the Wall of Honor. 🙂


    2. Oh goodness, I just realized that I forgot to address your comment about the Twitter hashtags. I have been trying to use the ones listed on our “Hashtags” page. I’ve notices that a lot of people have been tweeting to us directly @ourclassicsclub instead of using the hashtag #TheClassicsClub, I think that’s ok too but it does make it a bit harder for others to find it and join in. But I’ve just been retweeting them.


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