A new era

As one of your new moderators, I got the “lucky” job of being the first to introduce myself to you. You will see more introductory posts as the weeks progress.

I am honored to be chosen as one of your moderators and appreciate the fine job that the original moderators have done the last four years.

I have been a blogger since 2011 on my review blog What, Me Read? A few years ago, out of frustration at a very difficult move from Texas to Washington, I began a more personal blog, Moving to Washington, which I use to keep up with friends and acquaintances. Finally, just two weeks ago, I started The Fat Girl’s Guide to Hiking, a fun hiking guide for people who are out of shape.

I am a retired technical writer and college-level instructor of writing. I have two degrees in English Language and Literature. I love reading all kinds of books and talking about books with other people.

My jobs as moderator will be to post member reviews, keep the Big Book page updated, and moderate the Classics Club Goodreads page (which I am just getting acquainted with). For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the page, you should check it out. Until I became a moderator, I did not know about it either, as it is difficult to find using the search in Goodreads.

I also helped create the survey that you may have already filled out. That survey may help us with ideas for new activities we can bring to the blog. So, if you didn’t fill it out yet, please do so.

I also hope to help with a little revamp of the blog design. Right now, I am working entering in a backlog of member reviews, so if your review hasn’t shown up in the list yet, that may be why. It should soon!

And let’s not forget the spin! Later today I’ll be posting my list.

So, I hope to have discussions with some of you in the future, and again, I’m proud to be your moderator.

I’d like to make a fun feature of my monthly posts a little poll, so here it is.


9 thoughts on “A new era

  1. I feel humbled to discover that you run three blogs and have taken on this new responsibility. I have two blogs and find it harder and harder to write new content as well as keep up with other people’s blogs. You must be super organised

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  2. Hi Kay! So glad to have you help us out! I am sure you will be awesome! P.S. I am very intrigued by your Fat Girl’s Guide to Hiking, cause that is me to a T!!

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  3. Thanks for taking on the moderating job! And as a former Texas resident (11 years in San Antonio total), I am envious that you get to live in Washington — it looks so cool and green!

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  4. I’ve just now noted the punctuation in your blog name & had one of those ah-ha moments – all these years I thought it said ‘what me red’, now I can say – WHAT?! Me read? all sarcastic and ba ha ha ha like.


  5. Nice to hear about you, Kay! And hear about both your blogs. So, you moved from Texas to Washington. I was curious (because I’m from Texas and still here) to see where in Texas. And it’s Austin! Yep. Me too. Or mostly. We moved a bit outside Austin a few years ago, but I still volunteer for the Austin Public Library (where I worked once upon a time).

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