End of An Era: Call for Moderators!

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.52.02 PM.pngHello, Clubbers!

After six incredible years, your Classics Club moderators (Adam, Allie, Melissa, and Sarah) are ready to move on to other projects and are in need of a new, passionate, motivated crew of moderators to take over The Classics Club for the next generation.

Are you one of these select few?

What you need to know: The Classics Club is a large community. We have the blog here, of course, but also a Goodreads page, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. We also have a busy e-mail (Gmail) account to keep up with. Ideally, or so far as we discovered, what works best is to have a group of folks who can work on different elements of the blog: each person responsible for a specific monthly feature post, for example; a person who updates the book list; a person who reviews membership requests and updates those accordingly; a person engaged in event outreach and updating that page accordingly, etc.) Then, aside from blog duties, it seemed smart (for us) to have one person manage the Twitter, one manage Facebook, one manage Goodreads, and one manage e-mail. As such, we are actively seeking four new moderators, as this seems the ideal number. It allows for a good division of work without being too large a group (which is important when it comes to things that need consensus).

There is always a lot going on, so time management and an ability to communicate with your fellow moderators, and stick to your assigned tasks/schedules, is probably going to be crucial to success. That said, it will be your Club to moderate, moving forward. The four of us plan to stay members, and Adam of Roof Beam Reader will stay on board for a few weeks to help transition, but then, it is all up to you!

So, what do you think? Do you have the time, energy, and enthusiasm to become a Classics Club Moderator? Have you been waiting for your chance to do more with this club? If so, please fill out this form. (Applications are now closed.) Over the next couple of weeks, we will be reviewing the responses to select four people who seem compatible, whose work schedules seem to make sense, and whose interests seem complementary. We will be in touch with the selected parties to confirm their interest and get them on board. When your new moderators are comfortable, they will be given access to all elements of the Club and an announcement will be made to all that the “Classics Club Next Generation” is live!

Thank you, sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts, to each and every one of you. We have absolutely adored being your founders and moderators these last six years. We send a special thank you to Jillian and Heather, who were there to start it all, and to those of you who, even having “won” your challenge, stuck around for more and are now on your SECOND lists. You’re all beautiful. Happy reading, now and ever!

-Adam, Allie, Melissa, and Sarah.

11 thoughts on “End of An Era: Call for Moderators!

  1. Thank you all so much! I would’ve applied if I thought I could do it, but considering that I saw this post weeks ago and am just posting my response now, I evidently don’t have the time!


  2. Dear Adam, Allie, Melissa, and Sarah, Thank you SO MUCH for all you’ve done. Sorry to see you go, but I totally understand. Thanks once again, and best wishes.

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  3. You all are so lovely to have run the place for six years. It’s been absolutely beautiful to see the club swell its shirt buttons. I think we have proven our point: the classics are AWESOME. Thank you for taking over the thing when I buckled under its weight! Sending you love & hugs. xx

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