Book Corner: What are you reading today?

“Reading (portrait of Edma Morisot).” Berthe Morisot, 1873.

Here’s a space to tell the club what you’re currently reading. You’re welcome to use the comments below.

No pressure, of course! But if you’re feeling social, here’s a space to tell us about your latest classic. As always, you are of course welcome to leave a link to your blog if you prefer to share there.

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17 thoughts on “Book Corner: What are you reading today?

  1. Little more than half way with Les Mis. Very good, but those long sections when Hugo describes the history from creation until the 19th century of some topic that is tangental to the story. I could do without. But I refuse to read abridged versions for fear I’ll miss one stunning sentence.


  2. I am reading “The Rector of Justin” by Louis Auchincloss. It’s excellent: a close study of a Headmaster at an exclusive boarding school in New England. It covers the years roughly between 1860-1940.


  3. I’m reading Take Three Tenses: A Fugue in Time by Rumer Godden. It was a little crazy reading it at first because the story moves from the past, present and future, all the same time. But I am finally used to the rhythm. It’s turning out to be a darn good book.


    1. I’ve just finished “Hotel de Lac” by Anita Brookner and am reading “The Woodlanders” by Hardy and “Eugene Onegin” by Pushkin.


  4. Currently in the first hundred pages o”Bleak House” and totally in love, as always, with his elegant descriptions. I’m also working on a modern book, “The Nix” that just came out last week, but it’s been put aside in favor of Mr. Dickens :).


  5. I’m currently reading Keats’ Letters to Family and Friends. I very recently finished The Narrow Road to the Deep North (a 17th Century travelogue) by Matsuo Basho. Good ones!


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