April Meme: Question #40

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Contributed by Joseph, who joined us in May 2014: “What is your most ‘treasured’ book…not the story…the physical book? Maybe a valuable first or early edition, or an autographed copy, or a family heirloom, or a gift, or maybe just the favorite binding or cover art.”

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“Reading” – Auguste Renoir (1890-1895)

2 thoughts on “April Meme: Question #40

  1. After some thought, I realised the books I have always treasured beyond the written word have been the picture books of my childhood and my children’s childhood, in particular the Little Golden Books illustrated by Garth Williams (The Very Best Home for Me!, Home for a Bunny) and Tibor Gergely (Fire Engines, Animal Orchestra, The Little Red Caboose). Garth Williams is also famous for the classic line drawings he contributed to the Little House series, which are probably my current treasure. And special commendation to Watership Down, particularly the cover image of its first paperback run – I wish I had kept that!


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