Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club! Four Years Old.

The Club was founded four years ago today.

Happy Birthday to The Classics Club, founded four years ago today.

Still going strong!

So how has it been for you? What’s your favorite book now, and what was it four years ago? (Even if you hadn’t yet joined?)

How long have you been with us, and what is your favorite memory from the club so far?

If you could do it again, would you still join us?

Thanks sincerely for a great group, everyone.

Feel free to comment below!

17 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club! Four Years Old.

  1. I joined up back in March 2012, and I’m nearly finished with my list of 75 books — only nine left to go! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by nearly all of my reading choices, and ended up loving quite a few that I’d been putting off for years. I’ve already started another list of 50 more books to add when I finish the original 75. Thanks again for organizing this!


  2. Happy Anniversary! I joined in 2014 and have been doing very well… when it comes to ignoring my list. I’m seriously behind on the challenge!

    On the other hand, since I joined the Classics Club I find myself regularly reading classics and discovering new favorites (Nellie Bly to name a recent addition). They just happen to not be on my list.


  3. Happy Anniversary! I joined in early 2013 with great intentions, but I’m really behind on my list, with 39 to go in less than 2 years. The funny thing is that when I knuckle down and read something from my list I find that I usually enjoy it. I’d love to have my list completed by the end of next year, but I may have to ask for an extension! I’m glad I joined and am still happy with the list I put together as it has taken me outside of my usual reading habits.


  4. Happy anniversary clubbers – I wonder how many original March 2012 members are still active?

    I joined the club Aug 2012 as it took me several months to compile my list! I have now read 55/110. Which doesn’t bode well for finishing the other half in just 18 mnths. I also seem to have started a 2nd classics list with all the books accumulated in the last 4 yrs & rereads.

    It’s still hard for me to go past a Jane Austen esp. Persuasion and P&P. But the CC has introduced me to some new favourites – Their Eyes were Watching God (great readalong book), Elizabeth Gaskell and Zola to name just a few stand out reads in the past 4 yrs.

    Thanks to all our wonderful hosts, who have valiantly kept this club alive despite new jobs, weddings, babies and all the other life stuff that can keep us from reading & blogging. You guys & gals deserve a huge pat on the back – you also have my undying gratitude for that they may be worth!

    A famous Australian boxer was well-known for his exuberant, barely articulate “loves youse all” after a win. It’s how I feel right now about this lovely supportive classics community xoxo

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  5. I joined in March 2011…very near the beginning. I made a list of 50 books to read in 5 years and so far have read only 16, but I’ve enjoyed every book I have read so far. I will keep at this until I get these 50 finished and then try 50 more.


  6. Happy Anniversary!! I haven’t officially joined, but I’ve been following the Club since before it was ever really created. So, so glad that it’s still here and going strong!


  7. Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for keeping the Classics Club running. I joined in November 2012, and have only read 17 books from my list, so I need to get moving in these last couple of years! I think I’ve liked them all, though A Tree Grows in Brooklyn may be my favorite of them, with East of Eden and Lonesome Dove not far behind.


  8. Congratulations on 4 years . Wishing you many more years of success. Thanks for this blog. It is quite enjoyable and informative.


  9. Wow, four years already! Happy Anniversary! I joined really close to the beginning, and it certainly hasn’t felt like that long. Alas, I haven’t finished very many titles off my list, only about 8/125. Whoops! I’m hoping to remedy that this year.


  10. Happy Anniversary Team! Wishing you greater success as the years roll by! I joined in 2013 and when I had joined, I was way more conventional about by Classics Reading – Jane Austen, Steinbeck and all that. However since then, while Austen and Steinbeck continue to rule, they have been joined by Willa Cathers, Anya Seton and Katherine Mansfield! If I could do it all over, would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! Best memories from the Club is more of a result from participating in the club, which has been the friends I made through the years…virtual but devoted book companions who join in me in all the highs and lows of bookish adventures!


  11. Happy birthday, CC! I joined up in 2014. I really like seeing reviews & discussions from folks who have been around since the beginning… next year will be year 5 for all the club members who started out in 2012, so it will be interesting to see how many of them make their goal by that point.


  12. Wahoo! Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad I joined, so happy to read all the wonderful reviews and feel encouraged to keep reading classics.


  13. Happy Anniversary! I joined in October 2013, and I’ve read almost 40 books of my ever-growing list since then. The best thing about the Classics Club is that there are plenty of people here who don’t think it’s odd that I like to read “old stuff.” 🙂 Here’s to many more years!


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