Group Check-In #16 – December 2015

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Hi Clubbers! How’s the reading going? Check in with the group below!

Tell us about your project — or you! Introduce yourself. Chat.

Tell us what you’ve read, how you’re feeling about your progress, how much you love the classics or the community — any struggles, a favorite read so far. Really, whatever you feel like sharing!

Some people prefer writing an update at their own blog and linking it here in the comments. That’s fine, too.

Feel free to respond to one another in the comments below — ask questions, visit each other, tell us you are new to the club, planning to join the club — etc. This is a meet and greet.

If you’re having trouble with your list and need encouragement, say that! That’s understandable. We want new classics readers to join us, so there’s nothing wrong with arriving to this thread with all of the newness showing!

(Please also note the “check-in” feature here is entirely voluntarily, intended for those who like weighing in with others in the group, and having a periodic place to reflect upon goals for the club. For some this feature would feel like an unwanted intrusion. Silent participation in this group is of course welcome!)

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm about this project!

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31 thoughts on “Group Check-In #16 – December 2015

  1. I only recently joined the club so this is my first spin. I was worried when #19 was a book I had tried and failed to read previously, but on second try it has been awesome! I am REALLY enjoying “The Known World”. I’m sure I will finish it well before the February cut-off, since I have fewer than 100 pages left to go. If only I could get into this kind of flow with Plato’s “Republic”.


    1. I skimmed the non-fiction list you posted on your blog. I would like to recommend you consider anything by historian, David McCullough. I read McCullough’s “1776” and his biography of John Adams. They were both wonderful, very entertaining and informative.
      I plan to read more of his books since he writes so well.


      1. Susan thanks for your recommendation, but since I am not an American and I dont live in the USA, I have no real need to read American history. I see enough of that on TV and in movies (eg The Patriot with Mel Gibson). But that does remind of several other American historians whose names I do want to add to the list. Daniel Boorstin, Jared Diamond and Daniel Yergin. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I’ve just joined, and I’ve begun reading my first selection. I look forward to following everyone else’s reading adventures and discussions. But here is a question: is there are particular order that must be followed or do I choose my own order for reading selections within my list? BTW, the welcome mat is out and the door is open at Beyond Eastrod. Y’all come, ya hear!


  3. I am currently reading the last spin number, well sort of, # 19 gave me Ulysses by James Joyce but I do not have a copy and my library does not carry the book. I did not want to wait, so I choose another book, I promise I am not cheating because it is an even longer book: Bleak House by Charles Dickens. I am a quarter way, tiny dent, I planning to read for the pleasure and not rushing to finish before February the 1st , although I hope to complete reading by then. :).


  4. I just finished “One of Ours” by Willa Cather (#63 on my CC List) and I’m listening to an audio version of “Return of the Native” by Thomas Hardy (#64, narrated by the brilliant Alan Rickman. I’m hoping to finish the last 11 books on my list by March 2016, which would be a year early! It’s a long shot but I’m going to try.

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    1. Did you like “One of Ours”? I enjoyed it, but it was not my favorite Cather by any stretch of the imagination. My favorite Cather novel is probably “Death Comes for the Archbishop,” and my favorite short story written by any author is Cather’s “The Best Years”, written at the height of her powers.


  5. I’m still working on reading some supporting texts for Gilgamesh Epic, but I’m mostly done with that. I’m listening to Jane Eyre as my #ccspin. And I was looking around for a female playwright to stick in my blank “play” spot for this year’s reading – I downloaded the works of Hrotsvit of Gandersheim, whom I’d never heard of before today.


    1. Oh my. I read some of her plays in college. I majored in Medieval history. One day I was browsing in a used bookshop and came upon a 1923 collection of her works. It was all battered up and well-read with an inscription (to Jessie, Christmas, 1931) that makes it priceless to me.

      That her work has lasted this long and is still read is wonderful. Good luck with your choice!


  6. I’m regretting my current read (The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe). I’ve been reading it since October, I’m still only about 75% done, and I’m usually a pretty fast reader. To be honest, I’m not enjoying this one at all, and if it wasn’t for this challenge, I would have stopped about six weeks ago. But I’m going to see if I can get through the last quarter by the end of the year.


      1. I do find the heroine and her writing style rather hard to swallow, personally. SO many run-on sentences! And the girl responds to almost every single situation by either crying or fainting. Or both. So if that would drive you nuts, I’d stay away.


  7. My latest reviewed title is the Swedish feminist working-class novel, “Women and Appletrees”: I recently finished “Chaka” by Thomas Mofolo but haven’t written it up yet. It’s a weird one. And I’m working on my Spin title.

    I’m about 115/150 right now, with March 2017 as my finish line. I don’t quite think I’m going to make it, but I’ll give it a good go!


  8. I finished my initial goal of 50 classics in 5 years in three years on the nose (on August 31, 2015) – you can find the list of classics, and a link to the recap here:

    Since September 1, 2015, I’ve been sort of absent. I’m planning on focusing on classics written by women authors next year, though, so I’m pretty excited about that!

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        1. I do agree Emma is definitely instant dislike my first time around, second she still annoyed me but by then I saw 09 adaptation which made Emma a bit more less annoying.


          1. More people that do not particularly like Emma!!! How nice. It slways felt a little strange that I didn’t like Emma, but everybody just adored her!


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