The Classics Club Lucky SPIN number!

Click for details about the Spin.

We promised you a spin number this morning, and here it is! Your Spin Number is –


If you joined the game last week, find number 19 on your Spin List! That’s the title you are challenged to read by February 1, 2016. We’ll toss a post up on February 1 to see who completed the game.

As always, the prize is the reading experience. Details here.

In case anyone asks — it would be awesome if everyone posted about their Spin book on February 1. But that’s not mandatory or anything. If you want to, though, have at it! 🙂

Check in below if you played. What’s your #19 title? Are you glad, hesitant, excited about your title? Do tell!

Twitter hashtag: #ccspin

– the Club


56 thoughts on “The Classics Club Lucky SPIN number!

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  2. I posted a list a couple months ago of books I want to read. I listed the books at random so I’m using that list to determine the book I will read for the Classics Spin. #19 is Hild by Nicola Griffith. I know that I am late announcing this, but I do want to complete this challenge.


  3. I got The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien which was on my list of books/authors I am dreading reading but want to read anyhow! Dreading because I read the LOTR series and I didn’t overly enjoy it which was strange because I adore the movies, and mostly I tend to prefer the books to the movies but LOTR was one of the few exceptions.


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  5. My number 19 is the 2004 Pulitzer prize winning novel, The Known World, by Edward p. Jones. Not the hardest book on my list, though I did try to read it once before and quit before I got very far. I’m much more committed to finishing it this time.

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  6. My #19 is War of the Worlds. This was in my dreaded/feeling obligated to read section and I guess it is better than Moby Dick. (Which I am sure is a great literary masterpiece…it’s just not one I am looking forward to reading)!


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  8. Hoo boy. I got a book my German lit professor brother recommended: Simplissicimus, by Grimmelhausen, written 1688. It’s a long, meandery kind of story–like Don Quixote, with travel and adventure–only it’s also a savage satire of the Thirty Years’ War. What have I done?

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