Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club! Third year strong.


The Club was founded three years ago today.

Happy Birthday to The Classics Club, founded three years ago today.

Well, we’ve surpassed the halfway mark. Three years! So how has it been for you? Did you think you’d last, or have you just joined us?

Have your tastes in reading  changed since you joined us? Care to list your favorite classic now, and your favorite classic the day you joined the club, if you had one?

How long have you been with us, and what is your favorite memory from the club so far?

If you could do it again, would you still join us?

Thanks sincerely for a great three years, everyone.

Feel free to comment below!


27 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club! Third year strong.

  1. Happy anniversary, you guys! What you folk have been doing is awesome. My favourite thing about this club is that it has put classics bloggers in touch with one another, and encouraged me to try books I never would have dreamed of trying before! It’s been a great three years. 😀


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  3. Happy Anniversary, Classics Club. Three years running and it’s been great anytime I could join in. I love the Spins best. 🙂 Looking forward to completing the books on my list within the next two years though I’ve read only two so far. 🙂


  4. Happy 3rd anniversary! So glad this group is still going strong.

    I joined about 2 and half yrs ago. My favourite classic back then was Persuasion…and it still is, but since then I have discovered so many new-to-me classics to love and reread in years to come.

    My favourite from the past 2 and half years ? Their Eyes Were Watching God or maybe My Ántonia.
    My least favourite? Vile Bodies.

    I love the spins, but my best memory has been finding new bloggers and new readalongs. Thanks to these events I have read Their Eyes Were Watching God & Barbara Pym for the first time and I have joined in the love-fest of Austen in August each year 🙂

    Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes by our dearly beloved admin-ing Aristotle’s. Without your dedication this wonderful community wouldn’t exist!


  5. Happy Birthday. I’m coming up on one year in May. Would I do it again? Of course. Have my tastes changed since joining? Indeed yes, and that is the best thing about the thus far. There have been books I disliked, but upon reading other members astute analysis and reviews it occassionaly gives me a better appreciation (except Ulysses…I don’t know of anything that will give me an appreciation of Ulysses). My favorite since joining…Gone With the WInd. You didn’t ask, but I feel inclined to mention my least favorite since joining…Wuthering Heights.


  6. Happy birthday! I will have been a member for just 1 year so far in a few days. I’ts going to be really interesting in another couple of years when the CC turns 5 and we see a big wave of people completing their 5-year challenges. 🙂


  7. Congrats! What an accomplishment. The classics clubs helped me to read 50 classic books my junior and senior year of High School. I am now working on reading 50 more classics this year (my adventure/gap year) before college starts. It has been a great motivator. Thanks for doing this!


  8. Happy three years!
    And how do I join? I’m new to this, but I really, really want to start reading some classics. Oh, and what counts as a classic?
    I mean, does it have to be as old as Shakespeare? Or Dickens? Maybe even Tolkien counts.


  9. Happy Three Years!!! I’ve been in since the very beginning. I’m making progress, but wondering, “Will I complete my list in two years?” Here’s hoping! I love the Classics Spin, even though I have only finished one, I still enjoy the anticipation. 🙂


  10. Congratulations on three fabulous years! I’d have to say that so far what I’ve loved the most is the monthly memes; they’re always thought-provoking and fun to answer, and I love reading everyone’s replies. 🙂


  11. I joined in October of 2013, and since then my List has grown from the initial 51 titles to 83. I have read 27 of them, which has surprised me. I didn’t think I had read that many. I truly enjoy the challenge, and I love the Spin especially. I hope this will continue…


  12. I have participated for one year and one month, since I discovered this site through other co-hosting bloggers of the Literary Wives Online Book Discussion Group and have never looked back. I love the site, especially the spin challenges, but I also love the questions posed. I have just begun to participate in those discussions and it is fun! I hope this site will continue…


  13. I too only found you recently (through LitAddictedBrit)! I really struggled picking mine as so many looked good so I ended up with 70. I’m on my second classic, To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.

    My favourite unconventional classic is The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall and my ‘classic’ classic is Wuthering Heights.


  14. Happy 3rd birthday! I’ve been in since the start and it’s been great to broaden my reading with you all. I’m now at about 90 or so out of 150, but some of the titles I thought would be good have turned out to be difficult to get hold of, so I might be switching some out one of these days. My favorite part of the CC is the people I’ve met…and the Spin. I love the Classics Spin! Do another one soon!


  15. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years! How time flies!

    I only created my list last July but I’m making progress — 16 out of 75 books read plus 5 more classics that weren’t on my list but we added because of the thoughts shared by members of this club.


  16. I didn’t realise that this club was already 3 years old. I only found you in January this year so I still have my full 5 years to go. I hope this website will stay up for longer than the 2 years remaining.


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