Today is the day! Did you finish your spin book?

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All right, clubbers! Back in early November, we announced The Classics Spin #8, challenging you to read unlucky Book #13 on your spin list by January 5. Today is January 5!

Did you read your book? Did you write about it, or will you?

What was your book, and what did you think? Share below. Feel free to link to your post below, as and when you write about your book.

As always, the prize is the reading experience. Details here.

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– the Club

37 thoughts on “Today is the day! Did you finish your spin book?

  1. My spin book was “House of the Seven Gables” by Nathanial Hawthorn. I’ve started it, but it’s been harder to get into than I expected. The book will still get a blog post, but I’m afraid it’s going to be later than intended.


    1. I am unable to leave a comment on your blog 😦
      But I enjoyed your review – Yates writes similar themes in all his books I think.


      1. Sorry you were unable to leave a comment, Brona. I do have it set, at least for now, for me to approve comments before they’re published, but I didn’t find one from you in my comment queue. Could you tell me what happened when you tried to comment? Thanks.


  2. I finished Steppenwolf, but whether it was because it was over the holidays or because the book just refused to inspire me to write coherently, I won’t be writing about it. I have tried several times, and I keep coming up with a muddle. But then, it’s a muddle-y kind of book – strange, multi-layered, metaphorical, thought-provoking…and more worthy of a thesis than a book review. I’m glad I read it.

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