December Meme: Question #29

Hi clubbers!! We’re excited to be posting our December meme question for the club!

Here’s the question this month:

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Let’s talk about children’s classics! Did you read any classic works as a child? What were your favorites? If not, have you or will you try any classic children’s literature in the future? (We’re aware children often read at an adult level. Please feel free to share adult OR children’s classics that you treasured in childhood OR children’s works that you’ve recently fallen for.)

Feel free to answer over at your blog any time in December, and leave the link to your post in the comments below.

Remember to check out this page for details or to share suggestions for future meme questions! And then check out one another’s posts!

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“Reading” – Auguste Renoir (1890-1895)

13 thoughts on “December Meme: Question #29

  1. I would like to reread the children’s (?) classic A Christmas Carol in the week before Christmas.

    I’ve just started putting together a very simple, easy readalong post if anyone would like to read it with me (actually all I’ve done is create a badge so far…one thing at a time!)

    But if you’d like to join in let me know here for now.
    Merry Christmas
    (or Bah Humbug)


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    1. I was never able to get into Treasure Island as a child. Maybe because the rather gruff beginning didn’t appeal to me at all (from what I can remember)…


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