Classics Club Event: Victorian Literature in November

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All right, clubbers! Today begins the eleventh installment of our Twelve Months of Classic Literature Event with works of Victorian Literature. (Just in time for a snuggly winter!) 🙂 For reinforcements on this one, we’ll simply direct you to the Master Post for the Victorian Event hosted by Allie at A Literary Odyssey in Summer 2012. For the event, Allie also shared a list of Victorian writers.

The Victorian Event is for the current month, but honestly, you can contribute thoughts and post links to the comments below whenever you write them. The purpose of this event is to have a central place to share our thoughts/posts on the topic.

We want to know what you read and what you think about this topic, but we don’t want to research for you. We’re excited to see how this club shapes this month’s topic. We’re a great mix of experts and new readers. We want to encourage you all to share and explore. Use the links above to get started.

Even if you don’t have time to read for the event this month, you could post about the titles you have on your club list that pertain to this month’s topic, write an informative post for fellow clubbers on the topic, or talk about why you didn’t include any titles from the topic on your club list. Feature an author! Write a poem! Explore classic art that accentuates the literature. It’s your event. Research-based posts, free-writing, emotion-based “I love this topic” journal entries, lists – all are welcome and encouraged. Some of you may be experts (or experts in progress) on this month’s topic. Your input is highly encouraged and appreciated! Others are new to literature. For you and the experts, exploration is encouraged.

Please see our main event page for details. 

So, are you in? What will you be reading/writing? 🙂

Cheers, and a very happy reading and writing month to you! – The Club

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Our muse this month.

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15 thoughts on “Classics Club Event: Victorian Literature in November

  1. Ok…I am in…I seem to live my life in the Victorian age anyway…I will read as in already reading Jerome K Jerome and will add Elizabeth Gaskell (naturally!), Charlotte Brontë (Will revist Jane Eyre again) and Mary Elizabeth Braddon whose Lady Audley’s Secret, I have bought and never really got around to reading!


  2. Perfect timing! It looks like I’ll be finishing up Thomas Hardy’s “Tess” this month. This story is absolutely unfamiliar to me — and do you know how hard it is to avoid spoilers for a book that’s over a century old?!


    1. War and Peace is quite heavy that way, but you could probably lighten the moment and try Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford (FUN!) or Jerome K Jerome or Dicken’s Pickwick Paper!


  3. Oh, yay! I absolutely love the Victorians, and am lucky to have a confluence of Victorian November and Non-fiction November! I am going to read Wild Genius on the Moors by Juliet Barker for NF November, and one of the lesser Charlottes – either Shirley or The Professor for this one!

    I may also manage one or two other Victorians this month!


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