Book Corner: What are you reading today?

“Reading (portrait of Edma Morisot).” Berthe Morisot, 1873.

Here’s a space to tell the club what you’re currently reading. You’re welcome to use the comments below.

No pressure, of course! But if you’re feeling social, here’s a space to tell us about your latest classic. As always, you are of course welcome to leave a link to your blog if you prefer to share there.

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29 thoughts on “Book Corner: What are you reading today?

  1. Currently reading Gone with the Wind…for the first time. Unlike some of my other recent reads, I have a good idea of the plot, thanks to the movie. Still, I’m enjoying it very much. I’m a displaced Yankee living in the South, and Mitchell paints a very quaint picture. You know, us readers seldom like the movie as much as the book, but I have to say thus far, Hollywood did a very good job. The casting in particular is superb. Although Mitchell describes Scarlett as not beautiful in the opening line, and Vivian Leigh was certainly beautiful. But Scarlett did have charm that all men, save one, were defenseless against. Only 300 pages in, so a long way to go.


  2. I’ve just finished reading “Pocahontas” by Joseph Bruchac (to round off my series of articles on Mataoka/Pocahontas) and have started “Cold Comfort Farm” by Stella Gibbons, which will be my eleventh red for the Classics Club.


  3. Just finished reading Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell, which was very good and very dull by turns. Now I’m reading The Once and Future King by TH White, which is very different to what I normlly read, and I’m very much enjoying it so far 🙂


  4. I’m currently reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Everyone I talk to about it seems to think it’s either brilliant or unbearably pretentious. I’m really enjoying it, so I’ll go with brilliant.


  5. I’m reading Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell and enjoying it much more than I’d expected to. I also have one of Gaskell’s novellas, Mr Harrison’s Confessions, to read after I’ve finished Cranford.

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  6. Just finished A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man with mixed feelings due to Joyce’s poetic prose clashing with my dislike of certain content (ahem 10 pages of preaching on hell).

    About to move on to Dubliners and Waiting for Godot! 🙂


  7. I’m reading Mansfield Park but I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would compared to other Austen I have read.


    • Mansfield Park is probably the only Austen novel that is so pedantic….there is hardly any sense of irony that usually marked her works….Completely agree…its not an enjoyable novel, especially considering her author’s other works!!


    • My first read of MP (years and years ago) left me cold, but I reread it for Austen in August last year and it has now become embedded in my list of favourite Austen’s 🙂


  8. I just started Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Sadly, I just finished The Storied Life of AJ Fikry in which one of the characters actually told me how Awakening ends. Boo…. (I know you can’t really “spoil” classics, but still.)

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  9. Today I will finish the last 10% of Moby-Dick! I’m really excited to finish, but I enjoyed every word. Truly a masterpiece. I will post a review hopefully tomorrow. I am also reading Tender is the Night by F.Scott Fitzgerald and Cinq Semaines en Ballon (Five Weeks in a Balloon) by Jules Verne. I am trying to enjoy Tender is the Night. I am not currently, but I hope it will make more sense the more I read.


  10. I’m making my way to Canterbury with Chaucer’s tales of the pilgrims. My journey is taking significantly longer than his – they did the trip in 5 days. It’s taken me a month so far and I’m not half way through yet 🙂


    • I read the first tale. Yeah. I have a long way to go. 🙂 The Knight’s Tale was good though so I hope to get back to it soon. It always takes me a lot longer to read poetry than prose.


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