July Meme: Question #24

Hi clubbers!! We’re excited to be posting our July meme question for the club!

Here’s the question this month:

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Have you ever read a biography on a classic author? If so, tell us about it. If you had already read works by this author, did reading a biography of his/her life change your perspective on the author’s writing? Why or why not? // Or, if you’ve never read a biography of a classic author, would you? Why or why not?

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“Reading” – Auguste Renoir (1890-1895)

16 thoughts on “July Meme: Question #24

  1. I read the biographies of Mary Shelley. I actually read several of them and a book of her letters. What I found most interesting was the information on the circumstances of her writing Frankenstein. Tidbits of how and why she wrote the novel are out there, but in reading her bio and the letters, you get a much deeper sense of her personality, her insecurities and struggles as a writer, and her perspectives about herself. Mary Shelley and her husband Percy Shelley traveled down the Rhine and admired a castle on a hill known as Castle Frankenstein in Germany. It was suggested by her biographers that this was the inspiration for the novel. Some time later she decided to write the novel on a challenge of who could write the scariest story. What’s interesting is that some biographers suspect that her husband a lot to do with the writing of Frankenstein and that the story was more his than hers. I doubt it!


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