Book Corner: What are you reading today?

“Reading (portrait of Edma Morisot).” Berthe Morisot, 1873.

Here’s a space to tell the club what you’re currently reading. You’re welcome to use the comments below.

No pressure, of course! But if you’re feeling social, here’s a space to tell us about your latest classic. As always, you are of course welcome to leave a link to your blog if you prefer to share there.

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– The Club


34 thoughts on “Book Corner: What are you reading today?

  1. I’m finishing up Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur (actually, I’m halfway through, so “finishing” might not be the right word). It’s slow going, but I am enjoying it. I am looking forward to finishing it though, so I can move on to my spin book: Gone With The Wind!


    • I hope you’re enjoying the experience! It has been almost a year since I started her collection, and I’m still only midway through it. I find reading poetry takes longer than prose.


      • I only recently started the collection. I’d like to have it done in a year, but I’m not pushing myself. I agree, I find to appreciate poetry, it should take longer than prose.


  2. At the moment I’m reading The Black Jacobins by C.L.R. James as my post-colonial pick for the month. It is a historical account published in 1938 about the Haitian revolution and how it was spurred on by the French Revolution.


  3. I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five and am planning to watch the movie for the Back to the Classics challenge.

    My big book right now is August 1914 by Solzhenitsyn. I neglected it for a bit but got back into it last night.


  4. I am desperately trying to clear up my currently-reading stack. Right now I’m reading Doctor Zhivago, Barchester Towers, Plato’s Meno, Bleak House, The Decameron (over a long schedule) and Oedipus Rex for my Classics Spin. I also need to finish up War & Peace, Cicero’s Defence Speeches, The History of the Ancient World, Le Morte d’Arthur and The History of Napoleon Buonaparte. Five books I’m nearly finished and there are a couple that aren’t too long, so I feel like I’m not doing too badly. However, I need to clear the slate because I want to have time to read some new books during the summer.


  5. I am currently reading The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I never read the Little House series as a child so I am making up for it now.


  6. I’m reading Hermione Lee’s bio on Edith Wharton for Wharton Review month. It’s a huge tome with tiny font but Lee has been very thorough in her research.


  7. I haven’t been around for awhile! Been so very busy with life and then trying to catch up on my reading. Right now I have two books going, one on my kindle. The Longest Journey by E. M. Forster and Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Neither are very easy reads! I read the plot on Wikipedia for LJ and I think it will get better soon!


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