Classics Club Event: Post-Colonial Literature in May

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All right, clubbers! Today begins the fifth installment of our Twelve Months of Classic Literature Event with works of Postcolonial Literature and/or World Literature. At the risk of going on for pages, here’s a resource. 🙂 There’s also a great resource for this topic here.

We’re especially hoping people will address/discuss this topic in particular during the event. People new to literature may not understand how widely classic literature expands beyond the titles popularly associated with “classic literature” and the Western Canon, so posts highlighting the history and breadth of literature are most welcome, as are posts about post-colonial works and works of literature around the world that are often overlooked in discussions of classic literature.

This Post-Colonial Event is for the current month, but honestly, you can contribute thoughts and post links in the comments below whenever you write them. The purpose of this event is to have a central place to share our thoughts/posts on the topic.

We want to know what you read and what you think about this topic, but we don’t want to research for you. We’re excited to see how this club shapes this month’s topic. We’re a great mix of experts and new readers. We want to encourage you all to share and explore. Use the links above to get started.

Even if you don’t have time to read for the event this month, you could post about the titles you have on your club list that pertain to this month’s topic, write an informative post for fellow clubbers on the topic, or talk about why you didn’t include any titles from the topic on your club list. Feature an author! Write a poem! Explore classic art that accentuates the literature. It’s your event. Research-based posts, free-writing, emotion-based “I love this topic” journal entries, lists – all are welcome and encouraged. Some of you may be experts (or experts in progress) on this month’s topic. Your input is highly encouraged and appreciated! Others are new to literature. For you and the experts, exploration is encouraged.

Please see our main event page for details. 

So, are you in? What will you be reading/writing? 🙂

Cheers, and a very happy reading and writing month to you! – The Club

File:Chinua Achebe - Buffalo 25Sep2008 crop.jpg

Our muse this month.

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