Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club! Year #2.


The Club was founded two years ago today.

Happy Birthday to The Classics Club, founded two years ago today.

We couldn’t let our second anniversary go by without mentioning it. 🙂

So how has it been for you? Has being a member of the club affected your reading? Has it affected you?

How long have you been with us, and what is your favorite memory from the club so far?

If you could do it again, would you still join us?

Thanks sincerely for a great two years, everyone.

Feel free to comment below!


17 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club! Year #2.

  1. I feel very much honoured to be part of this amazing project, and I’m so glad that it goes on and still active for 2 years. It has been an amazing journey, which I hope will continue for years and years to come.

    Congrats, everyone. And thanks a lot for the admins for being so active and so diligent in maintaining the club. I’m so proud of you all.


  2. Congratulations on a successful two years. I joined in April 2012 but have just completed my fifteenth classic. (I’m behind but with a plan to catch up.) I’ve always read classics but what I like about this challenge is the list. My reading is focused. I’m not reading whatever catches my fancy. I like the carefully planned list and from there I can read whatever hits my fancy. So, thanks for creating something so helpful.


  3. You’re just a bit younger than my own blog – doesn’t the time go fast. I haven’t been anywhere near as active as some people but I have really enjoyed what you’ve ‘pushed’ me to read. The memes are such a good idea even if they are fiendish some months


  4. I just recently joined but in my list I included books that I thought I’d never read but because of the Classics Club I decided to give them a chance (*ahem* Wuthering Heights).


  5. I haven’t been super-active in the Club, but just the act of putting together the list has pushed me to read books I wouldn’t have otherwise. I just finished The Good Earth, and I know I wouldn’t have read that without the Classics Club. Thanks all…


  6. Ummmm, Congratulations! When I joined last year I had no idea how “young” the club was. I would def join again! Love the books/ authors I’ve been introduced to and read since joining. Thanks!


  7. Happy birthday guys 🙂 You have achieved something wonderful here. Such a friendly, vibrant group has been built up around your original idea.
    As you can see, I love what you’ve done and thoroughly enjoy participating in your events as well as popping around (when I can) to visit other people’s blog.
    Congrats and cheers (mentally raising a glass of bubbles to you right now!)


  8. Bon anniversarie to the Classics club! I haven’t been a member very long but you guys are definitely shaming me into reading more classics. Thanks for that. I’m tackling crime & Punishment this month.


  9. Wow, two years. I’e been with the club from the early days and love it. I continue to read and enjoy all these wonderful classic works, too. Fond memories are of meeting so many wonderful fellow readers and of participating in the reading challenges.

    One book that stands out has to do with my reading of Moby Dick. I decided to tackle it as part of last year’s Moby Dick Big Read program and was delighted with the results. First, I finished the book. Second, I didn’t just like it but LOVED it. What a wonderful surprise that a book that I had been avoiding for many decades turned out to be such a fun read. (Yes, fun.)

    Now, I’m participating in a year-long read of City of God by St. Augustine and find myself actually enjoying that one, too.

    The formation of The Classics Club became the catalyst to get off my duff, draw up a reading list, and start reading my beloved classics, some for the first time, others for a second or third go-round. I am so thankful to have the club and its members as part of my life. Talk about enrichment. Happy Birthday all you Classic Clubbers!


  10. Happy Birthday! I’ve been around for about 9 months and am right on track with my list of 50. I’ve definately been looking to the classics more often since I joined, which has been wonderfull.


  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLASSICS CLUB! And many more years to come 🙂 Funnily just today I published a post where I talk about some classics and also how many books I’ve read since joining the Classics Club a year and a month ago (http://bookishrealm.blogspot.fi/2014/03/mini-reviews-classics-club-special.html – here’s the post if anyone wants to see).

    I’d like to say huge thanks to the club because before that, I hadn’t read classics since university, and now I’ve already complete 21 out of 100 I planned to read. This is marvellous, I think, and the club is doing great job inspiring people picking up them old good books 🙂


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